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I wish to thank players past and present who have contributted to the

Spellcheck Project

I also need full spellchecks and bonus levels for the new spells (cms2, fae, eha2, dwfpp and rpd)

Kassandra the White

19/06/10 Have corrected FTF and added PMG (lacking size/cost figures). A very big thanks to all those who have been submitting spellchecks.

14/06/10 Have added a form to allow spellchecks to be submitted, just cut and paste the output from your client. Please make sure all the skill bonuses for the spell are included. These will be added once I have given them a quick check.

07/06/10 Been a bit busy of late, but finally got round to fixing TDCF thanks to Kari and some teaching. Also have a full binding check for DWFPP and CMS2, although the top values for CMS2 may be a little out.

24/04/10 Fixed a slight bug that crept in last night. Also have some initial spellchecks for cms2, fae, eha2, dwfpp and rpd. There are lots of gaps still, so I need more spellchecks. If your bonuses are greater than most certainly fail and less than most certainly succeed for any of the spells then you can help. Some I can do myself as I increase my skills, but for others my skills are already above most certainly succeed. I have the spells in memory, so can supply scrolls to those who want them.
A big thank you to Poncho, Menouthis. Horror and Xorphitus for their spellchecks.

10/04/10 Ok a minor update. Hovering the mouse over the success chart will now display the likelyhood and skill for the stage.

10/04/10 If you are logged in and have uploaded your skills, the list spells, by off,def,misc and alpabetically will now include a coloured chart indicating your success for each stage, coloured coded as the main charts. White means you have not uploaded the relevant skill

07/04/10 You can now login and upload your skills. The charts will now show just where your bonuses are. If you spot an errors or have any problems please let me know.

05/04/10 Added wizard orders and primaries used for skills and spells. Also add a map for UU library and wafled on about rearranging (will probably change)

07/03/10 All the charts are now dynamically generated rather than being a copy of the original spellcheck project.
As a result they may look slightly different from the originals, mostly in the scaling.
The only spell missing from the original Spellcheck site is now Thousand Dancing Celestial Fates.