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Con Dex Int Str Wis
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Discworld Skills is the skill used to determine the price one can get from fences for weapons.

This skill should not be confused with adventuring.evaluating.weapons, which is used to determine the accuracy of the judge command.


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken
145 Value Gebra Steel Dory (15Rh, pretty sure)

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
170 valueing jiann for $0.62
171 valueing duelling sword for $23.64
172 valueing battered iron sword for $3.84
173 valueing basterd sword for $3.81
174 valueing morning star for $3.76
175 valueing duelling sword for $16.86
176 valueing Marzipan shrimp fork for $18.08
177 valueing hunting knife for $17.30
178 valueing copper short sword for $1.12
180 valueing main gauche for $8.37
181 valueing Borogravian earspoon for $41.78
182 valueing Borogravian earspoon for $47.47
183 valueing ornamental temple axe for $26.47

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken
274 valueing switchblade (28000) in my native currency

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken

351-400 bonus

Bonus Action taken