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Crafts.husbandry.plant.herbal determine's ones knowledge of the uses and growing of herbs.

Note that this skill currently has no effect on the potency of potions.


  • Used to identify (see) the herbs, while crafts.hunting.foraging is used to gather herbs like coriander. (Confirmed by the Ninja wiki [1] and two AMD articles [2] [3], while one AMD article says the opposite [4].)
  • Used in the witch spell Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer - Possibly related to the honey production rate improvement.
  • This skill is used to determine the success of scraping mould for poison recipes (confirmed by RiZinSun's skill TM with message "You feel better able to recognise herbs").
  • This skill is used to determine the quality of healing roses when picked.


No guilds have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
90 Casting Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer on an empty hive
184 scraping mould with a dagger