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Wun Mystical Bat runs an origami shop on the north part of Long Street in Bes Pelargic. You can buy premade origami here, or order custom pieces of origami (which he finishes immediately). Custom orders cost &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 8Rh 40s. The designs can be up to fifteen characters long, can contain spaces, and do not need to be real words. They look like this:

This is a beautifully crafted origami shield.  It was obviously made by someone with great skill, and a lot of work and attention has gone into it.

While you can get paper shields here, they are not usable as components.

You can also get origami paper fish here, which work for Fish's totem ritual and weigh 1/9th lbs.

His shop is affiliated with the McSweeney family, and he will give a discount (on the pre-made pieces) to members of that family.