Wun Coughing Thrush

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Wun Coughing Thrush can be found in Bes Pelargic, on Munching Moon Road. He deals in wooden floorboards and can fit floors. He refuses to leave Bes Pelargic.

His stock appears to be fixed, and consists of:

Covering Price
Polished black walnut floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+28800 60Rh
Polished cedar floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+14400 30Rh
Polished cherry wood floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+24000 50Rh
Polished mahogany floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+33600 70Rh
Polished maple floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+19200 40Rh
Polished oak floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+16800 35Rh
Polished pine floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+12000 25Rh
Unfinished black walnut floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+17280 36Rh
Unfinished cedar floorboards &&&&&&&&&&&+8640 18Rh
Unfinished cherry wood floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+14400 30Rh
Unfinished mahogany floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+20160 42Rh
Unfinished maple floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+11520 24Rh
Unfinished oak floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+10080 21Rh
Unfinished pine floorboards &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 15Rh
Varnished black walnut floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+28800 60Rh
Varnished cedar floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+14400 30Rh
Varnished cherry wood floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+24000 50Rh
Varnished mahogany floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+33600 70Rh
Varnished maple floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+19200 40Rh
Varnished oak floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+16800 35Rh
Varnished pine floorboards &&&&&&&&&&+12000 25Rh