Wooden flail

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Wooden flail
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 3 x 5/12
Material wood
Weight 4 4/9
Thaums/sec 7 stable / 9 talisman / 15 max
Hands 1
Commands Bash
Melee type Flail
Judge data
Speed 7 very quick 7
Maximum damage 4 low 4
Average damage 1 extremely low 1
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease
16 8 Quite good
9 pretty easy
7 reasonably difficult

Long Description

This practice flail has a short metal chain linking a solid wooden handle and a ball with wooden spikes. Not as lethal as its metal counterparts, but when practicing, this seems like an ideal thing to use.

Appraises As

The wooden flail is about three feet long and about six inches wide. It is made of wood and could be used as a weapon of type flail.


Weapon shop in Pumpkin town.