Witch Trials, 2007-12-29

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This page contains information about the Djelian PTryals, a djelian version of the Witch Trials, held within the celebration organized by the djelian magistrates at 20 UTC on Decembre 29th 2007.

Djelian PTryals 2007 Invitation

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Djelian Witch PTryals
Note #18 by Earwax at Tue Dec 11 14:17:33 2007 [EDT] on board witchesguild

Wotcher Ladies (Hags, Hennes and assorted others)

I wonder if anyone noticed that we ended up not having any witch trials during this roundworld year which is soon going to end?

Anyway, I know at least one young henne who honed her skills and was eagerly awaiting a chance to show them off.

But... we come bearing good news.

The Magistrates and citizens of Djelibeybi would like to invite any witch who would like to show off her skills to do so at the big celebration we'll be having on December 29th at 20.00 UTC (according to Magistrate Leyan, that's London time?)

Any witch who shows up and performs a trick will receive a prize. [1] It's even better than the real witch trials!!!

So, join us!! There are no categories. No restrictions (except for your imagination ;) [2] No fussy old hagges to boss you around and judge you. (Not that there isn't pleasure to be derived from that. I'm sure any hag present would gladly oblige ;). All you need is one trick and the ability to party.

Warts and all,
Black Earwax Pus

[1] See/ogle Magistate Leyan.
[2] There'll possibly be a break in the festivities during which the tricks will be performed. Similar to a mini trial. At any rate, you're guaranteed an audience. ;)

Djelian Ptryals 2007 Report

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Witch trials(ish)
Note #20 by Coffeebreak at Sat Dec 29 19:27:35 2007 [EDT] on board witchesguild


for those unfortunates who didn't attend to the nice coming together and showing-off of our witches I'll post here the tricks performed. The witches and their audience gathered in the gardens of the djelian palace and enjoyed a first class show:

Black Elspeth the Scottish's "Elspeth Summons a lover"

Black Elspeth the Scottish gets a cured Gammer Smith apple from a pocket in Apple Bag.
Black Elspeth the Scottish holds up cured Gammer Smith apple in front of her face and summons a quill, which appears in midair.
Black Elspeth the Scottish enchants the quill and it enscribes your name on the apple with vicious hacking motions.
Black Elspeth the Scottish curses the apple and gives it a withering look. It rots and disintegrates to dust.
You goes gooey eyed at Elspeth and falls helplessly in love with her. This only lasts a few seconds though (like most men eh?) so she is free to find another vic... Lover.

Batflower du Sucre's "Batflower's combat break"

Batflower du Sucre summons the sun to give her heat and gracefully gathers this warmth between her hands.
Charming the air to do her bidding, Batflower du Sucre slowly moves her fingers to trace the outline of your body causing the air to spin around you in undulating waves that caress you from head to toe.
Spiraling her hands, Batflower du Sucre channels her energy to the wind wrapping it in a tight cocoon around you squeezing every muscle in your body then releasing you again, banishing all tension from you and leaving you relaxed and strong again.
You are moved to pay her generously then be on your way.

Young Cassiopeia O'lalah's "Cassiopeia's Confectionary Imp"

Young Cassiopeia O'lalah removes her pointy black hat and squints menacingly at it. She twirls it around her head and summons a small imp that blinks up at her with a confused expression. .
Young Cassiopeia O'lalah taps the imp lightly with her hat, binding it to her will.The imp places a chefs hat on its head and gets a mixing bowl from places you don't want to imagine.
The small imp waves its hands over its mixing bowl then gives Cassiopeia a cupcake. She eats it with a content sigh and banishes the imp back to her hat.

Black Caya HikosaSan's "Caya's Just Plain Adorable Bunny"

You corner Black Caya HikosaSan, knowing it is way easier to force her to do things instead of charming her. You laugh very hard when you see her attempting to hide behind a teacup.
In a blink of an eye, Black Caya HikosaSan fades into thin air. You wave around madly, trying to find her. You turn around and see a tiny little white bunny with a small puffy tail and a wiggling pink nose. Awww.... You cuddle the bunny closely.
With an inhuman, maniacal giggle, the bunny takes out an enormous chainsaw(from its top hat) and buzzes off all your body parts! While licking her tiny lips, the bunny daintily adjusts her bib and takes out her tiny fork and knife...

Thanks for the work and time spent, ladies!
Hope to see you next time again. :)

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