Witch Trials, 2003-09-13

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This page is about the witch trials held on September 13th 2003 organized by Yavanna Clutterbuck, Gitta Clutterbuck and Jehane Von Bruxa.


Here are the tricks as performed at the 2003 trials, with thanks to the witches involved, and to Yavanna and Jelena for the log:

Pokeberry's trick:

Old Pokeberry Clutterbuck animates the kitten, whispering of the proud heritage and ancestry of the infamous Greebo and points at Unlucky Charlie.
Old Pokeberry Clutterbuck charms the kitten, whispering inspiring tales of Greebo, pausing to nod towards Unlucky Charlie, a slow evil grin spreads across the kitten's face as it stares at Unlucky Charlie.
Old Pokeberry Clutterbuck channels the greasy, diabolic anger of Greebo, carefully tickling the kitten's whiskers, staring coldly at Unlucky Charlie.
Old Pokeberry Clutterbuck channels more of the vile temperament of Greebo, the kitten stretches to an incredible height and scratches at the ground bringing two inch nails into prominence.
Old Pokeberry Clutterbuck swirls her finger in the air and the kitten becomes an enraged ball of whirring claws flying at Unlucky Charlie in a wild leap, shredding pieces of skin.
Unlucky Charlie stares in petrified horror as the kitten goes 'Wrowwwwwwl!.

Keb's trick:

Keb Casaubon glares stonily at Unlucky Charlie, her eyes flashing, and mutters some unintelligible curses accented with flourishes of her hands.
The atmosphere around Unlucky Charlie and Keb Casaubon suddenly turns thick and yellow, the honey-texture of a thunderstorm brewing, and a gust of wind blows through you as a menacing gray cloud gathers over their heads.
Keb Casaubon's furious words and gestures are punctuated sharply and theatrically by small but bright flashes of lightning that make Unlucky Charlie's hairs dance on end.
With a crash of thunder that rattles you to your very bones, the cloud dumps a deluge of water over Unlucky Charlie, drenching it quite completely before it dissipates along with Keb's angry expression.

Fole's trick:

Wee Fole von Bruxa dances around the room, she seems to be looking into the soul of any ole Hag's she sees. Stopping in front of Unlucky Charlie she slowly points her finger at it, feeling a pulling sensation it steps forward.
Taking some strange smelling herbs from a mysterious looking container Wee Fole von Bruxa starts to chant a wordless song, circling around Unlucky Charlie sprinkling the herbs on the ground as she goes .
Standing tall, Wee Fole von Bruxa waves her arms about strangely summoning the Maiden from deep within Unlucky Charlie, it squirm$s and shake$s violently. Wee Fole von Bruxa cackles loudly for all to hear.
Unlucky Charlie squirms. There is a FLASH! Unlucky Charlie stands blinking looking youthful again.
Fole shouts "Now the balance of the Ramtops is being redressed! Too many Mothers not enough Maidens! Who'll make the tea and pass the biccies if we dont?".

Romarin's trick:

A furry octarine cat hops airily out of Wee Wee Romarin Wytte Wytte's antique silver brooch and drops to the ground with a light 'Plop!'.
The furry octarine cat eyes Unlucky Charlie suspiciously. Before Wee Wee Romarin Wytte can stop it, it dances up to Unlucky Charlie and bites it on the toe.
The furry octarine cat pounces on Unlucky Charlie from behind and steals all the coins from its purse. Sensing trouble brewing, it scuttles quickly over to Wee Wee Romarin Wytte and slips back into her antique silver brooch.
Wee Romarin sighs and gives Unlucky Charlie's coins back to it, apologising.

Madasahatta's trick:

Black Madasahatta DaRaven fishes in her pockets for a coin. Found one, she squeezes it firmly in her left hand and, while mumbling some occult words and swinging her left hand, enchants it with the power of her magical aura.
Black Madasahatta DaRaven fills a magical vase with water from a ceramic jug. She drops the coin into it and brews that enchanted piece of metal by rubbing the outside of the vase slowly until the water inside steams and boils.
Black Madasahatta DaRaven holds a sprig of dried basil in the steam that evapourates from the vase, trying to convoke the sap and vigour of lost summer days in it.
Finally the sprig of basil fills again with sap and soon is covered over and over with white and blue blossoms before it vanishes in a sweet smelling puff of smoke.

Gitta's trick:

Wicked Gitta Clutterbuck quietly begins singing an ancient song, telling about blood, hatred and lost treasures. A salty smell seems to fill the air, and it is getting windier.
The screams of seagulls approach your ears; looking up, you can make out..nothing. Images of flags, sabres and ships enter your mind, but you get distracted by the loud curse Wicked Gitta Clutterbuck is suddenly shouting.
Wicked Gitta Clutterbuck looks furious; octarine sparkles dance around her, and the calm breeze you barely noticed a few minutes ago turned into an angry storm, bringing water from a long gone place and time.
In the corner of your eyes, you think you can make out a white skull with two crossed sabres underneath, but it seems to evade your glance. Evil cackling is making you shiver, and you notice it comes from Wicked Gitta Clutterbuck, dancing through the wind.
Horrible laughter echoes out of the storm, and a pirate appears directly in front of you, bowing deeply. Before you can say or do anything, he takes your purse and vanishes as quickly as he came, but not without the obligatory 'Arrrr!'.

Yavanna's trick:

Yavanna Clutterbuck draws herself up to full height and summons an aura of respect. The crowd moves back as the aura extends to envelope everything within three feet of Yavanna Clutterbuck.
As Yavanna Clutterbuck walks proudly through the crowd people scurry and dance out of the way to avoid entering the space inside of her aura.
A soldier moves to attack Yavanna Clutterbuck. He swings his sword and lunges forward. Suddenly he changes his mind and throws himself to the floor as he realises that he will have to enter Yavanna Clutterbuck's enchanted aura of respect to attack her.
More soldiers move to attack Yavanna, but they swing their swords into each other as their minds are deflected by her aura. The last two soldiers take one last powerful lunge at her, but only succeed in beheading each other. $tp_nam

Dune's trick:

Nanna Jehane von Bruxa notices the sun is past the yardarm and with a smacking her lips and a wiggle of her wossname she summons a vile bartender from the dungeon dimensions who hands her a highball glass.
Nanna Jehane von Bruxa squints up at the sky threatening the water elements, the sky darkens and as rainclouds form a shower of martini pours from the skies and lands in the glass without spilling a drop.
Nanna Jehane von Bruxa peers at her drink closely before clapping her hands and exclaiming *wot, no olive*, with a frosty glare she banishes the bartender from her sight.
Jehane smiles happily and toasts the crowd before knocking back the drink in one. She wobbles slightly before staggering off to rejoin the onlookers.

Arkane's trick:

Nanna Jehane von Bruxa gently hisses to a whip, in an attempt to animate it.
Nanna Jehane von Bruxa gains a rather distant look as she begins channeling her energy into the now-writhing whip.
Suddenly the whip leaps away from Nanna Jehane von Bruxa and binds itself around Unlucky Charlie.
You wince as Unlucky Charlie slowly bends and twists into a very unnatural shape.

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