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The Witch Trials is a festive event traditionally held in Lancre where witches come together to meet each other, have a fun time and most importantly to enter the competition.

Witch Trials of the past

The Trials have been held in the fallow field with Unlucky Charlie the scarecrow in the southeast part of Lancre Town, except for the PTryals that were held in Djelibeybi.

15. Witch Trials, 2020-11-28 Organized by QiuYan at 8 pm GMT.
14. Witch Trials, 2017-01-14 Organized by Quadu at 6 pm GMT.
13. Witch Trials, 2015-11-07 Organized by Mattias at 3 pm GMT.
12. Witch Trials, 2013-12-21 Organized by QiuYan at 10 am GMT.
11. Witch Trials, 2012-03-24 Organized by Nyla at 6 pm GMT.
10. Witch Trials, 2011-02-12 Organized by QiuYan at 12 pm GMT.
9. Witch Trials, 2010-02-27 Organized by Caya at 9 pm GMT.
8. Witch Trials, 2008-07-26 Organized by Phoibe 10 am New York time.
7. Witch Trials, 2007-12-29 The Djelian Witch PTryals, an event within the celebration held by the djelian magistrates at 20 UTC.
6. Witch Trials, 2006-11-11 Organized by Phoibe at 11 pm GMT.
5. Witch Trials, 2006-02-04 Organized by Aelyn, Earwax, Fole, Nut, and Tohya at 3 pm GMT.
4. Witch Trials, 2005-04-10 Organized by Aelyn, Fole, Slint, and Tohya at 3pm GMT.
3. Witch Trials, 2004-09-26 Organized by Wee Morticia Frump at 11 pm GMT.
2. Witch Trials, 2003-09-13 Organized by Yavanna Clutterbuck, Gitta Clutterbuck and Jehane Von Bruxa
1. Witch Trials, 2001-06-07 Organized by Clover Malace.


The Witch Trials are described in Terry Pratchett's stories:

In The Sea and Little Fishes we witness an unusual Lancre Witch Trials and learn why it is best that Granny Weatherwax always wins.

In A Hat Full of Sky Tiffany comes to the Lancre Witch Trials for the first time and has a very intense experience.

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