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Wishing lamps are sold at the Djinn outpost in Kuohid's shop, for &&&&&&&&&&+50000 100 dr. Not to be confused with the lamp from the travelling shop.

When you rub a wishing lamp--which uses the summoning skill--it will summon a djinn, who will then be willing to grant you a wish.


You may make a wish by either using the "wish" command, or by saying it out loud in Klatchian or Djelian. There is a set list of items you can wish for--anything else, the djinn will refuse, though this doesn't use up a wish. The djinn will disappear after granting three wishes (which also makes the lamp become useless, though it can still be sold or fenced).

On successfully wishing for an item, it will appear on the ground in the room. You won't be able to pick it up or drag it elsewhere, and there's a limit of five per room, so some planning may be in order!

All of the items are temporary, and will eventually disappear--usually after about an hour and a half. They can also be "dismiss"ed to get rid of them immediately. Anyone in the room can dismiss an item. Conversely, anyone in the room can try to "renew" them, which uses the channeling skill and takes 100 gp. Successfully renewing it adds about an hour to the duration, up to a total remaining duration of about three hours. If renewed regularly, though, they can allegedly last indefinitely.

You get a warning message before the item disappears--sometimes two:

The spitting cobra firework launcher flickers briefly, indicating that it won't last much longer.

The items have their own help file which explains syntax and how they're used.

Types of lamps

There are different types of lamps, each of which summons a different djinn. Each djinn, in turn, has a different list of wishes they will grant--and if you ask them for a list, they'll tell you what those are.

A shiny silver lamp

The djinn summoned by this lamp will grant wishes for:

  • a pile of cushions (furniture on which people can sit, lie, lounge, etc.)
  • a place to sit (a sofa)
  • a fireworks display (a chatty item that can only be used outside, which sets off fireworks visible from multiple rooms away--except in the terrains. Unlike the other items, this only lasts about sixteen minutes, and can't be renewed.)
  • a music player (playing "music with rocks in")
  • a dance floor (a chatty furniture item, which you can also "dance" on, and which is a light source)

A prim rose gold lamp

The djinn summoned by this lamp will grant wishes for:

  • a place to sit (a sofa, but one that looks different)
  • a music player (playing "beautiful orchestral music")
  • a selection of finger food (a floating serving tray which can be "asked" to switch to different cuisines)

A smart brass lamp

The djinn summoned by this lamp will grant wishes for:

  • a table of hot drinks (coffee, black tea, green tea, and hot chocolate--plus cups to drink them from)
  • a pile of cushions
  • a relaxing music player (playing "relaxing Klatchian music")
  • a hookah pipe (a chatty item, from which you can smoke different flavours of tobacco)