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William Cobbler sells custom boots and shoes in his shop in Ankh-Morpork, on The Soake near Hide Park.

Types of shoes

First, you'll need to specify the type of boots or shoes you want. You can choose from the following list:

thigh-high boots   dress shoes        plimsolls          mules
peep-toed shoes    men's boots        slippers           pumps
knee-high boots    slingbacks         sandals            clogs
court shoes        mary janes         brogues            
ankle boots        moccasins          loafers            
stompyboots        platforms          wedges


For some types, you can choose to have knife sheaths added. This option is only available for the following types of shoes:

  • knee-high boots
  • men's boots
  • stompyboots
  • thigh-high boots

For some types, you can choose to have lockpick sheaths added. This option is only available for the following types of shoes:

  • ankle boots
  • brogues
  • clogs
  • dress shoes
  • loafers
  • platforms
  • wedges

The rest have no scabbard option.


You'll need to choose a material, too. These options are available:

patent leather     snakeskin          canvas             suede
damask silk        leather            rubber             lace
dragonhide         velvet             satin              silk


If you want heels on them, there are a variety of options:

three inch metal spike    two inch stiletto         wineglass 
five inch metal spike     eight inch ballet         six inch 
four inch metal spike     seven inch ballet         two inch 
six inch metal spike      six inch ballet           platform 
three inch stiletto       three inch                one inch 
five inch stiletto        four inch                 kitten 
four inch stiletto        five inch                 none 
six inch stiletto         tonahamen


He offers the following colours:

brazen seamstress red     olive green               sky-blue
pale primrose yellow      Genuan blue               rose red
soft Genuan blue          black brown               lavender
blushed lavender          pewter grey               burgundy
cornflower blue           deep purple               cerulean
Brindisi orange           cobalt blue               wine red
seamstress pink           apple white               scarlet
chocolate brown           dusty rose                fuchsia
luxurious black           blackberry                peridot
dark turquoise            dark green                silver
rich chocolate            bright red                indigo
chestnut brown            pale green                yellow
moonlight grey            chartreuse                violet
raspberry pink            pearl grey                bronze
midnight black            slate grey                garnet
speedwell blue            aquamarine                sienna
dark chocolate            true white                purple
dark lavender             light pink                copper
eggshell blue             blood red                 azure
flamingo pink             dark blue                 white
marbled white             pale blue                 peach
midnight blue             ivy green                 ebony
raindrop grey             blue grey                 sepia
lemon yellow              sea green                 ivory
clouded grey              sin black                 black
forest green              pale rose                 cream
silvery blue              baby pink                 lilac
supple black              dark grey                 plum
golden brown              ruby red                  gold
bright green              dark red                  jade
dark silver               twilight                  pink


Optionally, you can choose a style. Available styles are:

neatly tailored     feathery            strappy             short
loose-fitting       feminine            bright              sheer
medium sized        war like            classy              saucy
overpowering        starched            demure              soft
understated         priestly            medium              cute
comfortable         military            sporty              none
shimmering          majestic            simple              deep
assassin's          shimmery            formal              sexy
impressive          ruffled             fluffy              lacy
warrior's           shadowy             small               pale
skintight           squeaky             tight               long
oversized           thiefly             thick               dark
colourful           witch's             large               thin
innocent            magical             stiff               big
sensible            elegant             sleek               
crinkled            stylish             shiny               
wizardly            flowing             suave               


Also optionally, you can get some extra decoration. The options are:

glittery polka dots       silk flowers              feathers 
splatters of blood        gold buckles              diamonds 
embroidered roses         lace details              sequins 
glittery swirls           petite bows               frills 
silver buckles            steel studs               spikes 
bronze buckles            brass studs               jewels 
stylish tears             diamantes                 rubies 
leopard spots             sapphires                 pearls 
traces of mud             emeralds                  beads 


The short name of the shoes will be "pair of <colour> <type>".

If you choose "none" for heels, heel type is "flat". If you choose "none" for style, the style is "classic". If you choose no decoration, you get "subtle patterns of the material" instead of the decoration.

Ankle boots:

These lovely ankle boots have buttons up the front and are neatly stylish whilst also cut in a <style> fashion.  The <decoration> adds to the overall style of the boot, and the <type> heel flatters the wearer's legs.


These very practical, comfortable brogues sport a <type> heel.  The <colour> <material> is stitched together with heavy thread to match the fabric, and they have some <decoration> to further add to the <style> style they have been cut in.


These very heavy clogs have been made from wood and covered with <colour> <material> to add to the <style> fashion their designer had in mind.  To add interest, <decoration> draws the eye and they have a <type> heel.

Court shoes:

Crafted in simple lines, these elegant court shoes have been cut from finest <colour> <material> in a <style> style.  Here and there, the <decoration> highlight the movements of the wearer, and the <type> heel accentuates the legs.

Dress shoes:

These deceptively simple shoes are designed for those occasions when you do not wish to put a foot wrong.  Crafted from the finest <colour> <material>, they perfectly fit the <style> style.  These are the kind of shoes that someone wears when they have a need to stand up and be noticed.  To further enhance their refinement, <decoration> have been added.  These, along with the <type> heel, all help to ensure these shoes do full justice to any wearer's feet.

Knee-high boots:

These knee-high boots flatter the wearer's legs, and the <colour> <material> clings to their calves in a suggestive manner.  The <decoration> draw the eye ever upwards, and the <type> heels make a satisfying click when walked in.  They were crafted in a <style> style.


These comfortable slip on loafers are designed more for comfort than style, although they have been cut in <style> fashion, and have <decoration> to draw the eye.  The <type> heel makes a lovely noise if they are danced in, and the <colour> of the <material> adds to the simple style.

Mary janes:

These innocent looking Mary Jane shoes have a <type> heel which accentuates the wearer's legs, and the <colour> <material> adds to the overall look.  Someone has cut this pair in <style> style, and has used <decoration> to enhance them.

Men's boots:

These solidly crafted boots are designed for the more demanding wearer and are crafted from <colour> <material> in a <style> style.  The <decoration> lightens the obvious strength of the design, and it sports a <type> heel.


These <colour> <material> moccasins are remarkably comfortable to wear, designed for silent movement with the least pain.  They have been made in <style> style, with a <type> heel.  They have <decoration> to draw the eye.


This pair of mules have been cut from <colour> <material>, and sport a <type> heel.  The solid base of the shoe allows for clumping over any surface without fear of hurting feet, and the <decoration> enchances the <style> style in which they have been crafted.

Peep-toed shoes:

These <style> peep-toed shoes have been made with a <type> heel.  The shoes have been designed to turn heads, and with the <decoration>, against the <colour> <material>, they certainly should.


These shoes have <type> heels, the wearer's legs accentuated by the gentle grasp of the <colour> <material>.  Here and there, <decoration> add to the <style> style they have been cut in.


These plimsolls have been cut from <colour> <material>, and sport a <type> heel. They are light yet sturdy, making them suitable for any athletic activity.  The presence of <decoration> details enhances their <style> style.


This is a pair of simple pumps, made with <colour> <material>, their <type> heel giving an elegant line to the wearer's legs.  Fashioned in <style> style, they have <decoration> to draw the eye.


These simple sandals are crafted from finest <colour> <material>, and sport a <type> heel.  The <decoration> only serves to highlight the simpleness of <style> style.


These <colour> shoes, made from the finest leather have somehow managed to be both practical and fashionable all at the same time.  A small band of <material> above the <type> heel  keeps them in place, and <decoration> draw the eye.


These comfortable slippers could be worn just around the house or at a dance, their simple lines crafted from <colour> <material> with a <type> heel.  They have been crafted with <decoration> in a <style> style.


These seriously clumpy pair of <colour> boots reach almost to the knee of the wearer, with sturdy laces to tighten and hold them closed.  The <material> has <decoration> crafted in to enhance the <style> style, and the <type> heel adds to the clumpyness.

Thigh-high boots:

This <style> pair of thigh-high boots is tailored from sleek, clinging <colour> <material>.  The <decoration> show the curved muscles of the wearer's legs beautifully, and the <type> heels click sharply with each step.  The height of them is likely to be intimidating to any man.


These chunky wedges have a <type> heel, the <colour> <material> supporting the wearer's foot in a comfortable manner.  Fashioned in <style> style, they sport <decoration>.