Wicked Hannah Morgenstern

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Wicked Hannah Morgenstern is a research witch that has made her witch's cottage in an old rural sub-temple to Seven-Handed Sek near Pekan Ford.

Hannah Morgenstern was born in a small mountain village in Borogravia, where the career opportunities for a young boy were limited to "shepherd", "maker of traditional painted clogs", and "rescuer of stranded travellers", since the chances of progression to "jolly innkeeper" or "taciturn but kindly blacksmith" were already locked up by older boys.  Nothing daunted, she made it her life goal to carve the worst possible clogs whilst campaigning to be allowed to cook and study traditional medicine.  Two years, nineteen bunions, and eighty-six splinter injuries later, the village clubbed together to send her to study at the School of Very Far Away.  One term, two near-death experiences (neither of them hers), an intricately-planned sweetshop heist, and an amusing mistaken identity caper later, she found herself apprenticed to a village witch, and things snowballed from there.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice five warts upon her face.

She can help with gender change.