Wungle's Great Sucking

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Wungle's Great Sucking
Spell information
Nickname wgs
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
Description Suck constitution from a living thing.
GP cost 50
Mind space 35
Thaums 7
Components human heart (consumed)
Tome Body Parts for the Advanced Student

Wungle's Great Sucking (abbreviated WGS) is an offensive wizard spell that drains the Constitution of your target and adds to yours.


Temporarily adds up to three points to your constitution. Curiously, this does not fail catastrophically when combined with, say, iron gauntlets or a bronze helm.

You can cast multiple times to get the bonus to three points.

One cast can give you three points of constitution in one go.


The spell costs 50 GP, and consumes a human heart. It is cast on a living thing.


Spellcheck results
150 170 190 210 230 250 270 290 310 330 350

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:

Casting messages

You prepare to cast Wungle's Great Sucking on the chipmunk.
You intone the spirit of the leech, and lovingly suck on the human heart.
You call out the name of the ancient river of life.
You speak the words of healing and the words of harm.
You call upon the life force inside the chipmunk.
The chipmunk begins to look weak as if its very life force is pouring out.  A reddish mist flows out of the chipmunk and into you.
You feel vitality course through your veins.

(The last line does not appear if you already have a three point buff.)

The chipmunk begins to look weak as if its very life force is pouring out.  A reddish mist flows out of the chipmunk and into you.
The reddish mist dissipates into the air.
Failure, with constitution penalty
Something seems to have gone wrong.  You feel all your energy draining away...
To others
Wizard sucks slurpily on a human heart.
Wizard shouts out a word that is drowned out by a thunderous roar as soon as it is spoken.
Wizard murmurs several inaudible words.
Wizard howls as if in pain and makes a sharp pulling gesture that starts at Target and ends with her fist against her heart.
You begin to feel very weak, as if you are suffering from blood loss.  Your knees begin to buckle, and your arms drop to your sides as if they are too heavy to carry.  A sparkly substance seems to leave your mouth and flow outward towards Wizard.
Failure, with constitution penalty
Wizard looks very weak.
Failure, casting on a skeleton warrior
You belatedly realise that the skeleton warrior does not possess any life energy for you to leech.

The duration of the buff is very random, lasting from less than 3 minutes to 15 minutes per point of extra constitution. Additional ma.sp.of and methods affect the duration little if at all. If the con buff from the spell drops to less than 3 and the spell is cast again to bring it back up to 3, it will not last as long before dropping back down again - for a longer duration, wait until the buff wears off completely before recasting. There are currently no messages for the buff wearing off other than the standard 'You feel your health has returned to normal.'

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