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The wet command tells you how wet you, someone else, or something is.


wet <object>

"Wet" by itself tells you how wet you are, and how wet anything wet in your inventory is. If neither you nor anything else in your inventory is wet, it will tell you that, instead.

"Wet <object>" tells you how wet a particular thing or person is.

Getting wet

You can get wet by:

Towels get wet when you dry yourself with them, or if you have Splash performed on you when they're in your inventory.

Getting dry

You can get dry by:

Towels can be dried with the "wring" command--the syntax "wring towel dry" will make you keep wringing them until they can't be wrung out anymore, but this takes longer than a single wring. Pishites can also use a wet towel as a focus for Totem, which dries it.

Degrees of wetness

For people:

  • You are not wet.
  • You look slightly wet.
  • You look rather wet.
  • You look wet and bedraggled.
  • You are soaked and don't look that well at all.
  • You look like you have just been dunked in a lake.

For objects:

  • <object> is not wet.
  • <object> is just barely damp.
  • <object> is slightly wet.
  • <object> is wet.
  • <object> is very wet.
  • <object> is sopping wet.
  • <object> is absolutely soaking wet.

Effects of wetness

Being wet gives you a line in your description describing how wet you are. It's the same as the output of the command (although with a different pronoun if someone else is looking at you). You'll also see an occasional chat saying, simply, "Squelch".

There are some practical effects as well:

  • Being wet cools you, but being wetter doesn't increase the cooling effect much. The cooling is helpful when you're feeling too warm, sweating helps in those situations.
  • Getting wet will wash off/ruin some kinds of makeup and hairstyles.
  • The spell Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees does not work as well on wet people.

Towels can't be used to dry people for most of the "absolutely soaking wet" range, and can't be wrung out if they're only "slightly wet".

Staying dry

The following will keep you from getting wet from the rain:

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