Worstler's Elementary Mineralogical Glance

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Worstler's Elementary Mineralogical Glance
Spell information
Nickname wemg
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Shows the room of a rock blorple.
GP cost 10
Mind space 5
Thaums 1
Components rock blorple
Tome Begynners' Magick

Worstler's Elementary Mineralogical Glance (abbreviated WEMG) is a miscellaneous wizard spell that gives the caster a glimpse of the location the rock is blorped to.


This is the mineralogical form of the spell Worstler's Advanced Metallurgical Glance.

Casting this spell on the piece of rock shows the caster a brief but current view of the remote location previously imprinted in the blorple. The viewing and the caster will go undetected by anyone. Even the presence of "unscryable" characters or players at the remote location will not prevent the viewing.

Note that even pebbles chipped from a parent rock or stone will retain the memory of the location imprinted in the parent. For scrying uses, pebbles are the obvious choice for reducing burden.

Given its small use of mind space, and its ability to bypass usual barriers on scrying, this spell provides possibly the most efficient method for undetected scrying on a specific location.



Spellcheck results
20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires a blorple in the form of a rock, stone, cobble or pebble as a target.

Casting messages


You attempt to contact the elemental nature of the cobble.
You think of the location encoded in the cobble.
You stare at the cobble.


The cobble seems to urge you to gaze into it.
> gaze into cobble
You see a vision in the cobble:
A lonely-looking scarecrow stands in the middle of a field that has been left fallow this year.  It is filled with wild grasses and clover.  The grasses are probably wild because of the crop circle in the middle of the field.  The south end of the field disappears into Lancre Gorge.
There is an Old Mother Dismass shaped crater in the ground.
It is a pleasantly warm summer prime's afternoon with almost no wind and a few high level cirrus clouds.
There is one obvious exit: west.
A hardworking commoner is standing here.
Old Mother Dismass' crystal ball is wedged into the bottom of a crater and Unlucky Charlie is stuck on a pole.


Nothing happens. You give the cobble a shake just in case, but it doesn't

What others see

Wizard stands very still.
Wizard appears to be thinking about something.
Wizard stares at a cobble.

The spell will wear off after about a minute if you don't gaze into the stone:

The cobble seems to relax infinitesimally.

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