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Weave is a command that can be used in conjunction with the loom in the women's quarters of the Chronides' Farmstead. The loom comes with a partially woven cloth on it that can be finished. The resulting cloth is a type of hanging furniture that looks like this:

This is a woven cloth made of white wool threads.  It has two wide red stripes running across the top and bottom of it.  It is a fine piece of crafty handiwork.

Also in the women's quarters are baskets of wool and spindles for spinning, though there doesn't seem to be any use for these at present.

Men will be thrown out of the room during daytime, but can enter it at night when the inhabitants have gone to sleep elsewhere.

If you have no weaving skill Rhea Chronides will teach you a few levels if you ask her nicely.

Commands & Syntax

  • weave <item> on <thing>

Skills Used