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Wearable pets are pet-like npcs that are also wearable items. Unlike normal pets, they don't have names, won't follow you around, and aren't tied to specific players. They will, however, chat when being carried or worn.


You can find wearable pets in the following places:


They can be treated like other npcs in most ways, even when worn, and can be serenaded with musical instruments, tempted (although this will fail), and so on. This is not true of the clockwork pets, though, as they are not living things and only specific souls will work with them.

Anacondas in particular will get hungry and want to be fed--they can be fed food, edible corpse parts, or corpses.

When they are being worn, the Searing Touch ritual may target (and kill) them.

Occasionally, wearing two of them will cause them to fight. This is definitely true of the scarabs from the pyramid quest, the small scorpions and the wearable imps from Genua.