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This article is about water itself. For the skill, see magic.methods.elemental.water. For information on rooms filled with water, see water room.

A liquid. Used for most potions as an ingredient.

Standard water

Normal water looks like this:

This is a clear, not very tasty liquid, about one pint.

Unlimited sources

Entering a water room or having Splash performed on you will fill any open vessels you may have on you with water. You can also fill vessels from various fountains, wells, sinks, and so on.

These sources either don't have a fixed amount of water in them and never empty, or you can refill them at will. Some of them will let you "soak" towels there, as well as letting you fill vessels.

  • Most witch cottages have a sink, a well, or something similar.
  • The break room of the watch house in Genua has a sink, refilled with "fill sink with tap".
  • There is a well in the Chronides farmstead, refilled with "draw water from well".
  • There is a well on Highe Redge Street in Bes Pelargic west of the Snail, refilled with "wind handle".
  • A well sits in the middle of Ohulan Cutash. You can soak towels here.
  • There is are two fountains in the temple of Pishe in Sto Lat: one in the middle of the courtyard, and one inside, where Brassica is, that functions as a high altar. You can soak towels at the high altar fountain.
  • There is a sink in the kitchen of the Fang estate in Bes Pelargic, refilled with "pump water with pump".
  • There is a well in the garden of the Temple of the Listening Monks.
  • A well with a rope and bucket sits at the carriage stop in Escrow. You must fill the bucket with water, then fill vessels from the bucket. You can soak towels in the bucket.
  • There's a shadoof in Scrogden that can be filled with water from the river using "pull down on shadoof".

Some items of furniture function this way, too:

Limited sources

These are sources that have a fixed amount of water. You can fill them from containers, but there's no way to pump more water into them.

In Ankh-Morpork:

  • There is a fountain at the intersection of Attic Bee and Quirm streets (where the juggler is located). Towels may be soaked here.

In Djelibeybi:

  • There are fountains in the courtyard of the Djelibeybi Institute of Illusory Learning, and in the eastern end of the same courtyard.
  • There is a fountain in the courtyard of the Foreign Ambassadors' Reception.
  • There is a well on Market Street, west of the light shop.
  • There is a fountain in the western side of Pharaoh's Park.
  • There is a fountain on the Square of Ancestors, where the Avenue of the Pharaohs connects to it.

In Genua, there are fountains:

  • On the east part of the courtyard around the gate to the city.
  • On Rue Ephebe, northeast of the library.
  • On Trade Street, east of the watch shop.
  • In the courtyard of the Musketeers guild.
  • On Calypso Street, between the flower shop and the jewellery shop.

In Sto Lat:

  • There is a fountain in the garden of the mansion off Quirm Street. It holds about 3 gallons of water and slowly refills itself.


There are also some limited sources of other types of water:

Other types of water

Most of these cannot be used for potions.

Name description source(s) notes
Ankh water Water from the river Ankh is not the most safe type of drink to consume, but after a hot curry many people would drink the contents of a urinal. Ankh water is only slightly worse than a urinal after all. Bought: The Mended Drum, The Curry Gardens
fresh Lancrastian water This is some delicious looking fresh Lancrastian water. Bought from Celery Appleseed's Juice Bar for &&&&&&&&&&&+2400 A$6
fresh marsh water This is a non-salty liquid which originates in marshes, about two pints. "collect"ed in various terrains Used in distilling.
imported water This is some delicious looking imported water. Bought from Celery Appleseed's Juice Bar for &&&&&&&&&&&+2500 A$6.25
McWater Take a cup of local river water, whack a label on it, keep it in a warehouse until it goes stale and sell it as "McSweeney's Sparkling And Health Giving Aqua" and you can make a small fortune. This product is about 50% recycling it, and 50% taking it. There is about one pint. Bought from A branch of McSweeney's Restaurant (Ankh-Morpork) or A branch of McSweeney's Restaurant (Genua) for &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10.
mineral water A very clear liquid with a slightly gritty texture to it. Bought from A bread and water cafeteria for &&&&&&&&&&&&+600 S3|12de (1 cup) or The Stab in the Back for &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10 (6 oz)
red water It looks like very diluted tomato juice. "collect"ed in druid circle
slightly smelly water This water has definitely not come from a fresh mountain spring - at least not directly. Regardless, most of the contaminants have been filtered out and it only has a slight smell. Bought from The Laughing Falafel, Klatchian Takeaway for &&&&&&&&&&&&+200 50p
spring water Bottled at the source, this fresh mountain spring water is a far cry from what normally passes as water in cities like Ankh-Morpork. It tastes like... well, nothing. That's rather the point. Bought from The Laughing Falafel, Klatchian Takeaway for &&&&&&&&&&&&+500 $1.25
water This is some clean water, about one pint. Baths in Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild, mansion in Djelibeybi, Conlegium Sicariorum, and a pool on Hill Street northwest of Quirm Street in Sto Lat Can be used in potions.


Water has a few uses:

  • Standard water and water from baths can be used in potions.
  • A pint of water (apparently, any kind) can be used by Pishites in the Totem ritual.

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