Warriors' Guild Memorial Hall, Heroes street

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Godfathers' Lounge
Player shops information
City AM
Name Godfathers' Lounge
Location Warriors' Guild Memorial Hall, Heroes street
Owner Naleon
Managers Nasrin, Frump
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter  Small AM$500, DjToon 1000.00, 416Rh 80s, LSov 9  People's Bank of Klatch counter, 4%
Other amenities medium shop counter, greeter imp, pickler
Size (square yards) 70
Updated 2023-06-01

Godfathers' Lounge

Welcome to Godfathers' Lounge. A player shop that breaks all the rules, because we are here for the players, not for profits. You'll be happy to find our prices are some of, if not, ''THE'' best on the disc. We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.

So please have a browse through our stock, relax and know you are in safe hands. 
 ''"Be my friend...Godfather."''

-'''Don Naleon'''


This shop can only be bid on by members of the warrior classes.

Shop Counter Categories

Scrolls & Components: 9 different items for sale:

'''Cheapest scrolls & components on the Disc!'''
TPA  scrolls (4-Pack) for AM $10
TPA  scrolls (8-Pack) for AM $20
JPCT scrolls (4-Pack) for AM $12
JPCT scrolls (8-Pack) for AM $24
GRG  scrolls (4-Pack) for AM $12
FNP  scrolls (4-Pack) for AM $12
CCC  scrolls (3-Pack) for AM $12
CCC (stone skin) components x 3 (chalk,fish,sap) for AM $30
CCC (stone skin) components x 9 (chalk,fish,sap) for AM $90

Blorples : 2 different items for sale.

'''Cheapest blorps on the Disc!'''
Godfathers' Lounge & Playershop blorp for AM $5
Basic Taxi Blorps - AM(Drum), DJB(Crossroads), Ephebe(Bank), Genua(Bank), StoLat(Market), OC(Market), BP(Tuna Walk) + Bonus Blorp AM(Stabba's Bank, God St) for AM $88

Adventuring : 2 different items for sale.
Potions & Teas : 2 different items for sale.
Armour & Clothing : 3 different items for sale.
T-Shop & Rare: 7 different items for sale.
Faith Items: 3 different items for sale.
Weapons: 5 different items for sale.
Shields: 1 different items for sale.
The categories Join Stabba_prime @ Stabba's bank, God st, AM  do not have anything for sale.

Small People's Bank of Klatch bank counter

We are proud to boast the first and only franchise counter for The People's Bank of Klatch from DJB. Please note that due to space restrictions the maximum balance is just AM$500 so please use considerately. Any problems with the counter, send a tell to Ilyas or Nasrin

Deposit rate of only 4%


Our friends and partners

Stabba's Bank, 27 God Street AM

Deposit at only 3% or only 1% with Stabba_Prime membership! Membership for only 7 AM Royals.