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The Warrior Games 2023 were held between the 24th and 26th of March, hosted by Rauna and Proeliator for their 3rd consecutive year.

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Warrior Games are BACK!
Note #6 by Rauna at Sat Feb 25 04:29:31 2023 on board warriorsguild


The Warrior Games are back, and better than ever! Well, as better as they were last time, at least.

We are aiming for the weekend of 25th-26th March, and because we are warriors, our games will be compressed across a couple of days and won't have any fancy overall points system.

Proeliator and I are pleased to bring back our classic line-up of games... something for everyone, and in particular lots of opportunities for young warriors to win big.

The events planned are:

1. Track in Field
Use your tracking skills to locate where our chosen target has wandered off to. We'll begin in a pub within AM, first to find the chosen target wins!

2. Stylish Warrior
Head on down to Djelibeybi and flaunt your warrior stuff - armour, outfits, paint and dramatic warcrying. Prizes for Best Dressed, Best Warcry and Best Warpaint!

3. Trophy Hunt
You'll be taken to random locations and asked to gather the heads of NPCs for a given theme. Either beheading or using a sharp implement to hack those corpses.

4. Horse Race
Bring your trusted steed/hobby horse/newbie and prepare for a checkpoint race. Expect fighting and drinking along the way!

5. Bar Brawl
How can there be a Warriors Games without everyone meeting in a pub and beating the living daylights out of each other? Last Warrior standing wins!

6. Rugby
Three matches where you fight for possession of the rugby ball and hopefully score a few tries! Warrior vs Warrior, Warrior vs Everyone else and hopefully the return of the Newspaper match open to everyone.

Keep an eye on the boards and event list for more information, times and dates to be confirmed!

And for the wealthy amongst the playerbase... either warriors or those who love a warrior, please donate to our prize fund! This is a great opportunity to shower money and items on our lovely young warriors, so I will also be collecting funds that are specifically tagged for 'young winners' if you wish.

May the best warrior (other than me and Proeliator) win!
Rauna Masala

Update with times posted:

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Warrior Games 2023 - Event List with Times!
Note #25 by Proeliator at Sun Mar 12 00:22:54 2023 on board warriorsguild


Get your warriors ready! Dust off your alts! Spend that extra xp! The times for the Warrior Games have been confirmed! As we've done well with donations this year, we've added yet another event.

All dates and times are posted in GMT and 24 hour format. Events will be made in-game which should display in your set time zone.

1. Track In Field
Organiser: Proeliator
Location: The Drum, AM
Date: Friday 24th March
Time: 19:00
PK: No

Start at the drum, 3 rounds of trying to find out where i've wandered off to this time.

2. CTF
Organiser: Proeliator
Location: CTF Arena, Sto Plains
Date: Friday 24th March
Time: 22:00
PK: Yes

3 different games of CTF
1 - Warrior only
2 - Warrior vs Everyone else
3 - Open to all guilds

3. Stylish Warrior
Organiser: Rauna
Location: DJB Warrior's guild basement, dummy training room
Date: Saturday 25th March
Time: 07:00
PK: No

3 seperate rounds:
Best Dressed
Best Warcry
Best Warpaint

Do try to bring your own paint with you, we make no promises for which colour paint we'll provide on the day for those that forget

If you would like to participate for this event but cannot make it in person on the day, Rauna will accept Iconographs for 'best dressed' and 'best warpaint'.

4. Trophy Huny
Organiser: Rauna
Location: The Drum
Date: Saturday 25th March
Time: 19:00
PK: No

You have a choice of either 3 rounds in different locations OR a special Elite round!

In each round you will be given a theme, you will then have to collect the heads of different NPCs which you feel match this theme. Points awarded for amount of heads chopped off and if the NPC head matches the given theme.

For the Elite theme you run off and grab as many NPC heads as you want! The nastier the NPC the more points you'll get!

5. Horse Race
Organiser: Proeliator
Location: DJB Barracks, stable
Date: Saturday 25th March
Time: 21:00
PK: No

Meet at the stable in the DJB barracks with your trusty steed (horse, pony, hobby horse) and make a mad dash to the finish line - along the way you'll have to check into a checkpoint by killing an NPC and downing a drink.

6. Bar Brawl
Organiser: Rauna
Location: Fiddler's Riddle Tavern, OC
Date: Sunday 26th March
Time: 07:00
PK: Yes

We'll knock up a temp PK league and the winner is the last one still alive.

7. Rugby
Organiser: Proeliator
Location: Rugby Pitch, Ramtops
Date: Sunday 26th March
Time: 19:00
PK: Yes

A favourite of the games, get your rugby boots on and get as many goals in for your team as your can. Any corpses will be dragged off to the morgue in the basement...

1 - Warrior only
2 - Warrior vs Everyone else
3 - Newspaper Special (open to all guilds)

Prize Pool



Stat Items


Sailing Equipment



And more!

Event Results

Track in Field

Round 1 - AM

Round 2 - Sto Lat

Round 3 - Sto Plains


Warrior Only

Warrior vs All

Open to All

Stylish Warrior

Best Dressed

Best Warpaint

Best Warcry

Trophy Hunt

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Elite Round

Horse Race

Bar Brawl


Warrior vs Warrior

Warrior vs All

Newspaper Match


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Warrior Games 2023 - Thanks everyone!
Note #23 by Proeliator at Tue Mar 28 18:17:41 2023 on board warriorsguild

Thanks all who participated in the games this year, it was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end!

Thanks also to everyone who made a donation towards the games, we made a whopping 1,646 royals plus a stash of items - the donations were so good we managed to rustle up another event which went down really well!
So thanks to (in no particular order):
Toffee, Tempo, Stamen, Jeanie, the AM Daily, the AM Council, Delusion, Mirodar, the Saddle Sore club, Kalu, Tetraam, Decay, the Green Slab, Reva, Ynnb, the DJB Council, Naleon, the Wyvern's Respite, Westley, Ordeith and Wrathe.

Proeliator & Rauna
Bulletin Boards: Warriorsguild
Re:#1 Warrior Games 2023 - Thanks everyone!
Note #24 by Rauna at Tue Mar 28 18:23:21 2023 on board warriorsguild

On Wed Mar 29 06:17:41 2023 [nz], Proeliator wrote:
[lots of thank yous]

In addition we had one anonymous donor who made the prize pool very significantly bigger. You know who you are, thank you so very much.

Also thank you to those who assisted at the events, Sevyn and Persephone for res and restores for the Bar Brawl, Ynnb for portals including for Trophy Hunt, and the marshals Proeliator rustled up for the horse racing.

During the games, Proeliator and I usually say “never again!” - while time can soften memories, we would also be delighted to hand over the baton to aspiring organisers. We have the game formats, a spreadsheet ready to use, and lots of tips. Or reinvent the games entirely and do your own awesome thing.

Rauna - never again!

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