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The Warrior Games 2021 were held on 20th and 21st March 2021. First initiated as an idea by Lapis, the games appeared to stall with just a week to go due to the banning of Lapis and her alts. However, Rauna and then Proeliator stepped in to make the games happen in some form.

Organising the Event: Warriors Guild Board Posts

Post by Rauna on 12 March 2021

Hi Warriors

Okay the time has come for all good and evil warriors to join the party. Lapis is no longer with the disc - so it’s up to us to bring the warriors games back, possibly in reinvented form. 

I’m proposing a simpler event set: trophy hunt, brawl, drinking games, most stylish warrior. On the same weekend - 20 and 21 March. There’s also the siege the next weekend!

I can host and do the event listing etc but then you are stuck with NZ time zone - I would LOVE for some cohosts and help. Is anyone keen? Please?

Would also love for someone to take on the rugby hosting - or any of the other events that Lapis highlighted. 

Also we need to resurrect some prizes or compete for glory and fun and blood. Well.

Who is keen? Hit me up if you can help. 

Rauna - Queen of the Idle Warriors 

Post by Proeliator on 12 March 2021

To help out Rauna i'll be hosting the Rugby event on Saturday the 20th of March and 1pm (GMT).

It's a PK event but you'll only be PK during the game. Everyone enjoys stomping on people's heads but there will be no corpse looting. Murdering is completely within the rules but we aint dirty thieves.

I'll rummage some shiney prizes together for the following catagories

- Winning Team
- Most goals scored by a single person
- Most kills by a single person
- Most deaths 

I'm welcome to suggestions, and offers of prizes!

Non warriors are more than welcome to come and watch, there's a bar upstairs where you can drink and make as much noise as you like!

Let me know if you're interested in joining, we need lots of players for this event

Event Prizes

Prizes that had previously been donated through Lapis were largely recovered through the efforts of Liaison leader Aristophanes. Further prizes were donated directly to Rauna and Proeliator by clubs, player shops, councils, newspapers and players.

-- Item Sponsors --

Blystyryng – a range of weapons

Cops - 5 brain cells and a lamp

Daedalus - 2 grflx scales and gauntlets

Elauna - ornate warhammer

Eudora - 5 vouchers for free deludes

Fernir - ornate warhammer and components for dwarfish axe

Mirodar - platinum sword necklace, made into a permalight by Camelion

MrWolfie – 3 delicate amulets and 3 finesmithed items, with gem work by Haize

Noxious – eight makhairai and stiles, a gebra dory and purple powder

Proeliator - 2 runic wrenches, small compact and a dwarfish textbook

Rakah - ornate warhammer

Sevyn – a range of weapons and armour

Shonkers - 3 vouchers for Shonkers stores and armour items

Turnerette - sea serpent fang and gauntlets

Zorelian – a hunting blorp kit of 15 locations 

-- Cash Sponsors --

Kalama - 10 royals

Noxious - 20 royals

Anon - 30 royals

Toffee - 50 royals

AM Daily - 50 royals

Green Slab - 50 royals

Urwan - 50 royals

Dyne - 50 royals

AM Council - 100 royals

Selene - 100 royals

Turnerette - 100 royals

Event Categories

The final event categories were as follows, and prizes were awarded per event only (i.e. there was no official overall champion).

Trophy Hunt: A hunt across three locations to collect the most heads based on cryptic themes. An individual event for Warriors only.

Bar Brawl: A 'last warrior standing' brawl in a tavern using a temporary playerkillers' league. Another individual event for Warriors only.

Stylish Warrior: An opportunity to show off the best armour, best warpaint and best warcry in Djelibeybi's training dungeon. Yes another individual event for Warriors only.

Rugby: Fast paced games of rugby in the Lancre stadium. A team event with a Warriors only game, a Warriors versus other guilds game, and a free-for-all game sponsored by the AM Daily.

Winners of the Events

Trophy Hunt had three rounds held at different locations, each for most in-theme heads collected:

  • Ephebe: the theme for heads was Serve & Protect. Winner was Pokey
  • Djelibeybi: the theme for heads was Rags & Riches. Winner was Crazy Cutting
  • Sto Lat: the theme for heads was Workers & Wastrels. Winner was Draze
  • Consistency award was given to Blystyryng for performance across all rounds
  • Elite theme was Beauties & Beasts (location independent). Winner was Pokey.

Bar Brawl had a single round held at Fiddler's Riddle in OC, last warrior standing, using a temporary playerkiller league:

  • Last warrior standing was NOXiouS after a surprise stealth attack on Pokey
  • Pokey received award for most kills
  • Participation awards were given to newbie warriors Ghastley and Onemore

Stylish Warrior had three rounds held at Djelibeybi Warriors Guild, for best warpaint, best warcry and best armour:

  • Arielle Womblesworth won best warcry with "BITE MY BUM, YOU SCUM!!"
  • Blystyryng won judge's commendation for his warcry of "Finalized wills prepared immediately, present company prioritized!"
  • Uzi won best warpaint with his face vividly decorated with terrifying sea otter in pastel pink paint.
  • Draze won best armour and best overall performance

Rugby had three matches held at the rugby stadium in Lancre:

  • The Warriors versus Warriors match was on first. The WEST team consisted of Doni and Pokey while the EAST team was made up of Yevpea and Barbarian. The WEST team dominated the match, Pokey scoring three and Doni bagging two goals. The score at the end of the game was 5-0.
  • The next match was Warriors versus All. The WEST team was the designated warrior team and consisted of Pokey, Doni, Yevpea, Barbarian and Uzi. The opponents on the EAST Team were Sevyn, Kez and MrWolfie. The West side once more appeared charmed, and the Warriors triumphed with a score of 9-0! Goals were scored by Pokey (3), Doni (3) and Uzi (3).
  • The final match of the Warriors Games was a Newspapers' Match, pitting the AM Daily against the Green Slab under the headline "Rime Street Ruckus".For the AM Daily (WEST team) the players were Doni, Kez, Uzi and AnimalTamer, whilst the Green Slab (EAST team) was represented by Sevyn, Yevpea and Leyan. This was a hard fought match which ultimately ended with a score of 5-1, the AM Daily being victorious.

Thanks for all the fish

A huge thank you from the organisers, Rauna and Proeliator, to every Warrior who participated, every spectator who spectated, and all the wonderful support we received through the lead-up and over the weekend. As we say on the Warriors channel, "Ug!".

The full write up of the Warriors Games 2021 can be found in the AM Daily, Edition 228.

Fun snips and logs

This is the centre of the Royal Market in Sto Lat. The castle looms
over Sto Lat from its perch high up on the rock outcrop that the city
has grown around. The market is a popular place: many of Sto Lat's
residents have stalls set up here or run one of the many shops that
line the market square. Those residents that do not own a stall or
shop are busy buying goods from those that do. The centre of the
market is a little calmer, apart from the odd wandering merchant
trying to sell his or her wares.
It is a cold backspindlewinter's morning with almost no wind and many
puffy clouds.
There are seven obvious exits: north, south, east, west, southwest,
southeast and enter intercontinental express carriage.
Unsup Ported is floating here, a dark amber cloud is floating in the
air here and a thin black cat (hiding), a yappy papillon, Zorelian,
Psitian, a lazy truffle pig, four truffle pigs, a proud truffle pig, a
fat truffle pig, a plump truffle pig, Ayleth, Tyrieth, MrWolfie
L'Reaux, Kimo Kawaii and a pie seller are standing here.
A wooden pole with a bright blue note and a silver note attached to it
is standing here inconspicuously, the Intercontinental Express
carriage is waiting here, a lamp post is here, standing out of the way
and the head of a leering runaway, two fat brawler heads, two worried
thief heads, the head of a hulking runaway, the head of a sneaky
thief, the head of a decrepit royal judge, two muscular character
heads, two sad thief heads, the head of a wire-haired terrier, three
peasant heads, two lucky warrior heads, the head of a superfluous
warrior, the head of an unwashed thief, the head of a wild warrior,
the head of a dirty warrior, the head of a large beggar, two scruffy
character heads, the head of a rude warrior, the head of a muscular
brawler, the head of a wizard, the head of a candle delivery man, two
merchant heads, the head of a patronising courtier, the head of an
obnoxious starling, the head of a young smirking courtier, seven drunk
heads, two carter heads, the head of a fat bum, the head of a drover,
the head of a scruffy bum, the head of a pie seller, the head of a
flowery florist, the head of a mean thief, the head of a bouncy
jester, the head of a sly decrepit tinker, the head of a tough
character, the head of a shady character and the head of a suspicious
character are on the ground.

Pokey drops the head of a tiny shadow bat, the head of a giant, the
head of a giant leader, the head of a giant cave spider, the head of a
hairy yeti, the head of a rocky yeti and the head of an elegant water

This is the Fiddler's Riddle tavern, which doesn't look as though it
has been cleaned in several decades. Cheerful sounds can be heard from
the customers though, so the place might not be too bad. There is a
rather nasty smell in here that you are certain no goat would endure,
so you take it that milk is off the menu. Several tables furnish the
room, accompanied by the usual retinue of chairs. The bar itself runs
along the northern wall, behind which hangs a menu. There is a
staircase in the corner leading to the floor above.
There are two obvious exits: west and up.
Fraelin is sitting at one of the tables, Kimo Kawaii is hiding behind
the bar at the bar, Draze is sitting at the bar, a dark amber cloud is
floating in the air here and Pokey, MrWolfie L'Reaux, NOXiouS, the
ghost of Ghastley, Eudora Snuffelpig, Proeliator Snuffelpig, the ghost
of Onemore, Gwest and a blue-grey swamp dragon are standing here.
A bulletin board [ 40 notes ] is mounted on one wall, four bucketfuls
of mangled bug corpses are on the floor and two sheets of cheap
writing paper, the corpse of Crazy Cutting, the corpse of Onemore, the
corpse of Ghastley, a flatiron, nineteen small brown bottles and the
corpse of Harley Skiller are on the floor.
Pious Pokey skewers Staffmaster Crazy Cutting's head with his glaive,
causing several jets of blood to spray out, covering the area in a
fine red mist. In another medium, this might qualify as abstract art.
You see Deckhand Draze the Karmic Ending of the Samurai.
He is a strapping young human lad.
He is a tall man with dark hair, a light build, and no sense. His
permanently weary expression is worn with tired grey eyes and a slight
He has an impossibly large sunflower neatly braided into his hair.
His skin looks as hard as rock, although it seems weaker around the
His face is clearly decorated with an octopus, swimming in ink
coloured in black paint.
Holding : Tsundere (left hand) and Yandere (right hand).
Wearing : a pair of padded tabi, Durathread Kimono, a forest green
           canvas duffel bag, Slaver's Tattoo, a purple-black cotton
           bandana, a glossy black saya, a gleaming red saya and a club
Carrying: a tin of black paint.

Draze shouts in Morporkian with a Bes Pelargic accent: Bravery,
stupidity, whatever gets the job done!
Raffles Snuffelpig is standing here. You tackle Raffles Snuffelpig,
throwing him to the ground. The rugby ball pops out of Raffles
Snuffelpig's grasp. The rugby ball rolls away to the east. Raffles
Snuffelpig dies.
(Rugby) EAST Raffles has died.
A bunch of people with stretchers turn up and rush off with corpse of
Raffles Snuffelpig.
The ghost of Lonely Raffles Snuffelpig stands up.

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