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A vault is somewhere you can store your items so that they'll be saved over logins and reboots without you having to carry them around. With normal vaults, there's a one-time fee to open an account, and a smaller fee every time you enter it, and your account is permanent.

All regular vaults have a capacity of 111 1/9 lb, with roughly 127 items before the description changes from 'is almost full with' to 'is completely full with' - creators have said that if the description says that the vault 'is over-full with' then loss of items can be expected and has happened.

It is not recommended to store money in the vaults as it can be lost, please use banks instead.

City Owner Location Cost to open account Cost per use
AM Jonas The Ridings &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 $7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&&+120 30p
AM Nella Barbican Plaza (near Sandelfon temple) &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 $7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&&+120 30p
BP Free Sitting Birds Way of the Dragon &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 8Rh 40s &&&&&&&&&&&&+200 50s
DJB Thella Scarab Walk &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 DjToon 10.00 &&&&&&&&&&&&+100 DjToon 0.50
Ephebe Nostos Logical Lane (KCB basement) &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 S10|40de &&&&&&&&&&&&+100 50de
Genua Philip LeGrande Royal Avenue &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 1,0,0Gf &&&&&&&&&&&&+198 66Gc
OC Will Dock Street &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 LC 1|8|10 &&&&&&&&&&&&+120 Lp 10

Apex Club rooms

If you're a member of the Apex Club, you can rent a room which acts as a vault. While with most vaults you pay per access, have to wait in line if someone else is using the vault at that moment, and get dragged out if you stay inside too long, with the Apex Club you pay a weekly rate of &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 A$7.50 to access a unique room whenever you want.

Another notable difference is that other people can access your room if they have the key (or if the door is unlocked)--or, if you're both playerkillers, they can pick the lock.

Also, since there are a finite number of Apex rooms, you may have to wait before you can rent one.

The wardrobe's capacity is 222 2/9 lb.

The deposit is &&&&&&&&&&+26000 A$65, and that includes the rent for two Discworld weeks. You can pay up to half a year in advance which is &&&&&&&&&+147000 A$367.50.

Guildmaster rooms

Guildmasters also may have a vault in their rooms. This vault may be locked and only accessible to the current guildmaster.