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I see you're creating lots of pages below User:Wrathe (which seem quite nice!) and I don't recall any being moved to the main namespace.

The spirit of the wiki is that it is a collaborative environment where several people work more or less together to bash, stab and slice (aka mercilessly edit) information into something that hopefully improves understanding of Discworld mud, sometimes after lots of work.

By doing pages that contain general information in the user namespace instead of the main namespace those who would want to contribute are not doing it as much, which is not good. People are also less likely to work on something similar and feel they cannot contribute to it. Worse, if there is a duplicate it means that they need to be merged, which can be a lot of work.

This is probably the result of not stating clearly the expectations that such pages should be merged into the main namespace as soon as possible, even if not finished. They might never get finished, and having just one user work on it probably doesn't help. It happens that people leave or idle or lose interest or something like that and never merge them. It would be sad to have such work lost if it could still be useful.

Also if pages are not kept updated then they tend to bit rot versus the game changes and after a while people hit things that don't work anymore.

I hope this would not discourage you or others from contributing, but I'd like you to please consider moving those pages to the main namespace, guides and tricky npcs, so that User:Wrathe/tricky_npcs -> Tricky npcs so everyone can feel ok to help improve all those pages, so they are kept up to date and so we can reference them on the main page and other articles without it being weird links. I wouldn't mind it being recorded who started and did lots of work on a page, could be on top.

Starting pages with not much information is fine on the main namespace too.

Pages about things specific to only one player or a few obviously don't need to be brought into the main namespace. Or list of things you want to research or something like that. Or like if you want to dump your triggers or aliases and don't feel like making a more general page for it. Although there's been pages done with spell nicknames, kill aliases and such.

Kind regards,
--Frazyl (talk) 23:43, 28 September 2021 (EDT)


Please don't add items to Layers based only on coverage, it's based on items that were tested to conflict together. We don't want untested information in the table.

You have to wear as many layers as possible (all really over the testing) and then see what conflicts with the new item, but you also have to completely fill the layer, like 2 shirts, not just one.

If it doesn't conflict with anything add the layers you are missing, starting with those that cover part or the whole of the new item or layers that include and have more coverage. Then everything else if nothing is found. If still nothing is found start again to be sure. It's exceedingly rare to find a new item that conflicts with no others.

Once you have a conflict, it doesn't end there. You need to remove the conflicted item you are wearing and then try again in case something else also conflicts, especially if the coverage doesn't match the other conflicting item.

Trying to wear a second copy of the item and more if you can is useful to determine how many items can be worn at the same time in the layer.

To do all that, you obviously need to have items to completely fill all layers stored somewhere.

If that's not practical or too much, then depositing items (2 instances if possible) to Frazyl is the best. Or submit them in the talk page, but there will be delays until I get around to finding them.

--Frazyl (talk) 11:52, 2 June 2021 (EDT)