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Um... the navbox is nice, but I really don't think we need to have it on the skillpages. Three reasons:

  1. It bloats the pages--for some of the skills the navbox is half the page. For some, it's more than that.
  2. Relatedly, it would quickly get much worse if we put a guild navbox in every skillpage for a skill that's a primary for that guild, because guilds share primaries quite often. Look at dagger and sword especially, do you want to see three navboxes there? And plenty will have at least two, for primaries shared between thieves and assassins... or between witches and wizards.
  3. It's unnecessary. The guild itself is already linked to under "primaries", and the commands that use it are linked to under "uses".

I hope this won't discourage you, but with that said, I'm reverting those. --Ilde 10:06, 23 March 2010 (UTC)