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Issues with knowledge that shouldn't be on here

Frazyl is currently updating the poisons on here, detailing how they, and gasbombs, are made. This is very restricted information within the Assassins guild, especially the Conlegium Sicariorum. As such I STRONGLY believe that this information should not be allowed on the wiki at all. It is guild policy that only assassins of gl300 and higher are allowed to read the books with the exact recipes in them. If the info is provided here it would be in direct opposition to that policy and as such is interfering with the way we run our guild. I'd already removed the recipes previously and had also said to Frazyl that the information is not available to most players and therefore is not fit to include here. As he seems to be going ahead with supplying this restricted info with no thought to our guild I am therefore obligated to contact other administrators of the wiki to see if this blatant disregard for restricted knowledge can be stopped.