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Regarding your copy-paste creation of spell pages into what amounts to tricks pages in Delusions of Greateur and Delusions of Goodeur, I think that there's some issues.

Basically, calling those tricks "spells" is not helpful to readers who are more likely to be confused by this purely fictional and rarely used trick classification which doesn't do anything, just like illusions made with Torqvald's Illusion Generatrix can't be called spells without being inaccurate.

There's also lots of broken links.

Also, there's questionable claims and non-neutral text that are fine in your user page (or subpages) but not so much on content pages, especially those linked from other content pages, because people expect the information to be neutral and accurate, which it at odds with fictional roleplaying flavour text.

I'm doing a rewrite of those pages to be more factually accurate while keeping the general basis of them being trick pages.

--Frazyl 12:16, 8 December 2011 (UTC)