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The entrance hall of the Thieves' Guild [n,s]. A wolf-like Ramtop wolfhound, Tricky Tiss Azimuth, a guard thief, a cabbage and Shifty Jim are standing here. A lightable torch, three pink bows, two sheets of cheap writing paper and a black mineral pebble are on the floor.


> The guard thief discreetly pulls a lever embedded in the wall. A guard hunter rushes in and looks around, clenching his great fists menacingly. The guard hunter grabs you and knocks you to the ground, hitting you on the back of the head. As you lose consciousness you feel yourself being dragged from the room by the scruff of your neck. You realise that you are conscious once more. It's a pity you're dead now, really. Your lifeless body falls to the ground. As your link with Guardian Angel is severed, Guardian Angel falls into your former hands. To the east, Old Tom, the tongueless and magical octiron bell of

    Unseen University, tolls five sonorous silences. 

Someone says: DARK IN HERE, ISN'T IT? You turn and see Death standing behind you. [pit] This is a dark, damp room filled with creepy noises. It's so dark you can barely see your hand in front of your face. Far above you is the vague outline of the trapdoor. There is one obvious exit: west.

Captain Carrot exclaims to you: I saw that, Juppie! You'd better

    come with me before the Thieves' Guild heavies get you! 

Captain Carrot exclaims: In the name of the Ankh-Morpork City

    Watch I'm placing you, Juppie, under arrest for unlicenced 
    theft. Give up at once!