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You tried to chance layer data, but your edit made no sense.

To determine the layer(s) of an item you need to be wearing armours to fill all layers (one for each layer except 2 for shirts) and then try to wear the new item. This tells you it conflict with at least one item. Then you remove that item and try again until you've determined all items that conflict.

Now the layer names are arbitrary but they make sense and to change them means changing lots of pages for no benefits, so please don't.

For example you changed "Bronze cuirass‎" to the layer cuirass. But when trying to wear it:

You cannot put on the bronze cuirass since you are already wearing a blackened leather muscled backplate.

remove backplate

wear cuirass
You cannot put on the bronze cuirass since you are already wearing a laced-up leather breastplate.

remove breastplate
wear cuirass
[...] (it works)

Clearly the layers are the same as for the breastplate and backplate which are intuitively named breastplate and backplate.

--Frazyl 10:22, 30 December 2011 (UTC)

Another example, you changed lots of pages from suspender-belt to underwear but there's already an underwear layer and you can wear exactly one from underwear and one from suspender-belt. They're two different layers. --Frazyl 10:30, 30 December 2011 (UTC)

I was going off of the information from I suppose this means it's outdated. I'm sorry for causing a mess, and I'll make sure my info is correct before adding to the wiki in the future. --Helia 10:33, 30 December 2011 (UTC)

I checked each item personally against my reference list of armour covering all zones so they're definitely more accurate at the time of this writing than any other list I've seen. Not sure for Zexium's since he took his whole site down. While it's possible I made some error here and there they should all be correct now since I verified and fixed those that looked like data entry errors. Helms/masks might be off because I mostly tested against a helm that's in both layers and I didn't keep them all to recheck but those I checked seemed to separate based on the zones covered so hopefully it's right.

I didn't really check against Majir's site except to try to find every item that I could in it, in part because you need to check all layers in which an item is to see what it conflicts with. Also that list is based on previous lists that may no longer be accurate. For example there's armours that haven't been in game for a long time in it like the chocolate armours.

Looking at the layer names the "scale" one does seem poorly named. That layer was made from so vastly differing specimen that I didn't know what to name it. Cuirass like you were changing it to is probably better, being the custom armour name.

Thanks for your efforts to improve the wiki!

--Frazyl 11:21, 30 December 2011 (UTC)