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A work-in-progress guide on killing tricky npcs

Not recommended for young warriors, use these tips and tricks at your own caution, you have been warned

- It is best to avoid priests/wizard/troll/witch npcs as they don't deliver a huge xp boost for the effort spent, however for those who want, this is how to deal with them and other tricky npcs depending on area/country or even district of city. Different regions/cities will deliver different types of npcs even if they are of the same type such as a wizard npc is different in behaviour from a wizard npc in Sto Lat.

- Also try these when you've at least guild-maxed a melee attack skill and a defense skill and your tactics is also within 100 levels of melee and defense, otherwise don't bother. Also make sure you have at least 2 lives in reserve and have healing teas or bandages.


- Merchant/Traders/Dealers with bodyguards:

 - Make sure that the bodyguard is somewhat equal when considered
 - Attack the trader/merchant first, the bodyguard will protect and thus put the bodyguard's body in danger
 - These groups will chase you if you move into another room

- Bankers/Lawyers with bodyguards:

 - Make sure that the bodyguards are at least somewhat equal when considered
 - If you see 3 troll bodyguards, don't bother attack unless you're confident, you will be there for a long time otherwise
 - If you are more squishy and afraid, start attacking one of the bodyguards first, the other guards will protect that one, so you can take them out gradually
 - Otherwise attack the banker, the guards will protect the banker so you can hit the guards more easily as they put their bodies to protect from your blows
 - You might want neutral tactics and attacking banker/lawyer groups works best when the banker/lawyer is weaker than you
 - These groups will chase you if you move into another room

- Priests (This part is still a work-in-progress, heed this advice with caution):

 - Priests are not worth attacking unless you got time to waste
 - To tell which god the priest worships, you can type look amulet on priest or look amulet on priestess
 - Make sure the priest(ess) are a lot weaker than you
 - Avoid attacking priests/priestess on Street of Small Gods/God Street/Plaza of Broken Moons or nearby as that will bring the God Squad onto you unless the God Squad is busy or have been wiped out recently.
 - Priest(ess)s that are of quite good to extremely good like Pishe or Gufnork tend to rely on trying to summon a dust devil (Dust_devil)
 - Priest(ess)s that worship Gapp will try inflicting fumble (which can reduce stats so be careful) as well as dust devil.
 - Priest(ess)s that worship Sandelfon will try inflicting fumble.
 - Priest(ess)s that worship Fish will try inflicting Fear (Fear) as well as Piscatorial Patulous (Piscatorial_Patulous).
 - Priest(ess)s that worship Hat will try inflicting fumble as well as Visions (Visions), Visions will distract you from attacking the priest(ess) and stop you from attacking any new target. It can also make it hard to tell where you are. You will have to wait for visions to pass which can take several minutes.
 - Priest(ess)s that worship Sek will try inflicting fear, fumble as well as Visions.
 - Usually as soon as you attack a priest(ess), they will start inflicting the rituals they usually rely on, like visions or fumble. When this happens, move out of the room, wait 1-2 seconds and come back. Also do this when you start seeing priests either moving their amulets hypnotically or are about to say a prayer on you.
 - If priest(ess)s call out a word, they are summoning a dust devil, you should concentrate on killing the dust devil first and then get back to attacking the priest(ess)
 - All priest(ess)s will also try to summon a dust devil after a certain time during combat
 - All priest(ess)s will also cast healing rituals to heal themselves when they are in not good shape or bad shape or over time if they have been hurt. 
 - All priest(ess)s will also either have casted a major shield (Major_Shield) before or during combat if the combat is extended for a period of time
 - Once a priest(ess) has died, they might have warded items that trigger when you loot the items, look [item] on body and see if there is an aura, if there is, it is warded. Warded items will trigger damaging rituals like decreasing your hp to making you hallucinate, etc. There is also a chance of failure on these wards but its best practice to not bet on that happening.
 - You can wait for the body to decay into nothingness to pick up the warded item, it will not trigger then.
 - Priest(ess)s will usually chase you into another room as well if you move to another room, however there are certain exceptions, priest(ess)s on God Street or Street of Small Gods or Attic Bee Street can not chase you onto Short Street. They just stop at the last room before Short Street.

- Wizards:

 - Make sure wizards are a lot weaker or at least weaker than you when considering to attack
 - Have random chance of having exploding satchels on them which explode and can take away up to 1000 hp when you kill the wizard, so avoid wizards if low to medium health or recently injured
 - If they are about to cast a spell, like you see them squinting or taking out a feather or taking out a carrot, move to the next room, wait 1-2 sec and come back, this will make you avoid their spell. Especially avoid the carrot spell, that will get fire bunnies at you which can cause a lot of damage
 - If you run to another room, wizards will chase you into it, so don't be surprised if after couple seconds, the wizard comes in
 - Some wizard npcs will have shielded themselves with CCC (aka a layer of rock or elastic on their body), you can use tactics focus <body part> to focus on their body part that is weaker. To find out their weak body part, look wizard before you attack and it will show in the description.
 - Some wizards will have EFF (ie floating shield) already set up, you can get rid of this by doing some special attacks until the shield gets knocked out
 - Wizards can also run to other rooms when they have low health so make sure to keep that in mind that you might need to chase

- Witches:

 - Witches are a real pain-in-the-bum to kill, don't bother attacking unless you have to
 - Make sure that the witch is a lot weaker than you
 - Witches will usually have floaters, aka a floating knife, pan, rolling pin, etc. You can try knocking these down with several special attacks. The floaters block your attack so knocking it down should be first priority.
 - Witches will take out smelly seeds and spit it on the floor, move out of the room if that happens, you will be entangled with vines if you stay and you have to either use grappling skill to get out or just wait it out while you are trapped
 - Witches will tend to start running, if you start seeing them running away into other rooms or looking at their brooms, that means they are able to start flying, you can try pursuing but pretty much they will start flying soon.

- Trolls:

 - Don't even bother if you are equal or slightly stronger than the troll npc, your attacks probably won't do enough damage to really kill the troll
 - Using blunt weapons and tactics focus neck is recommended

- Golems:

 - Don't bother, fighting these guys is like hitting a stone wall with your weapons, don't bother unless you are super bored and the golem is at least weaker than you