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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains information about hidden areas!
If you don't want to read spoilers about hidden areas then don't read further!

This is a guide on hidden areas or rooms that have not yet been recorded on maps or is usually not indicated or seemingly not reachable on maps or atlases which will include:

  • Innocent and non-dangerous hidden areas to explore or seemingly unfinished areas that are somewhat accessible to the public.
  • Entrances to certain hidden dangerous zones, these will be marked out if its a dangerous zone.


  • On the eastern end of Cable Street where it meets Easy Street, there is an abandoned burnt down office that you can enter through the window:
    • You can type look window to confirm you're at the right place if you see a dark room.
    • Type crawl
    • Type window
    • You have to type crawl and type window to leave again
  • On the Northern end of Gleam St, you can access the locked empty(?) warehouses at the east and west sides if you are strong in melee
    • There is usually a man guarding here
    • If you kill him and grab the key from him, you can enter the warehouses to the east and west
  • The Rat Farm on The Soake, dangerous zone
  • On the south end of Tobacco Road
  • The east end of Trotters Lane
    • You can climb up from here but this is an extremely difficult climb for 190 bonus in adventuring.movement.climbing.rock
    • This is likely the way to reach the rooftops where Kodattai resides, or perhaps it leads to the place east of Kodattai's rooftop.
  • The south end of Pigsty Hill
    • Outside Holbrook's General Shop, you can climb on top of a poorly constructed shack roof by climb roof.
    • You can leave by climb down or just jump by down
    • You can jump here, especially effectively when you pry board loose with <object>
      • In the shack, the drawer of the counter contains an interesting key specked with flour which gives access to Kervin's backroom.
      • You can leave the shack by climbing out or up.
    • From the roof, you can climb further by climb up/northeast, climb northeast/vine/up till you're on the roof of the Pigsty Hill Apothecary.
      • You can leave the roof either by climbing downwards or jumping east.
  • Street of Small Gods, just east of the Vestments shop
    • There is a hidden north exit that leads to a deep hole, falling into this hole will cause a small amount of damage.
    • There is a climb check to exit the hole, a bonus of 174 in adventuring.movement.climbing.rock seems to allow exit most of the time.

How to reach Kodattai:

  • From the west end of Trotters Lane (this is east of the junction of Endless Street and Trotters Lane), go south into the alley (hidden exit).
  • From the alleyway behind Chester Copperpot's Tattoo Parlour, go east into the abandoned apartment building. (Some rats or other rather weak npcs might sometimes attack in this area.)
  • Go to the stairwell (s, s) and then to the roof (u, u). On the roof you might crash through the floor and fall back down, especially on the east rooms.
  • Go (n, n) to the northwest corner of the roof.
  • Jump north across the street. This uses vaulting. This gets you to the western rooftop room.
  • The roof has a steep slope and without enough balancing you will fall down to the street.
  • From the eastern rooftop where Kodattai wanders you can jump east. This vaulting skill check is much harder (239 bonus always fails).

Ohulan Cutash

  • You can climb up from where Raffy the Rook is located (Intersection of Riverwind Road and Riverview Road, just north of Mill Way) if you have the adventuring.movement.climbing.rock skills to do so, this leads to a seemingly unfinished area for a Thieves' guild location, you can still climb up from here but this is for more experienced climbers.
    • if you search roof, this will reveal a trapdoor where you can type down to explore the "unfinished" area, don't try to climb through window as you will hurt yourself as the window is too small, you will have to exit the way you came in
  • There is a wall at the start of the residential district of Riverwind Road that you can climb onto an abandoned cottage but you will need some balancing to stay on, type climb wall to start climbing
  • There is a hidden Guild of Assassins output at the southern end of Quayside Way, you have to go eastward twice, then down, then north, north, west, southwest, southeast and then press button
    • Non-assassins and non-Ankh Morpork Guild of Assassins members beware as you can get attacked for entering