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Skip this part if you dislike humour

 You step forth out of the shadow of your dwelling, a young warrior ready to do harm to rats, dogs, children and other small animals alike. 
 Your warrior mother, holding back proud tears, hands you a small lunch bag of brain cells and fresh hearts, full of juicy nutrients. 
 Your warrior father who can not hide back his grin, says: Ug 
 [I love you, my offspring, for on this day you have set forth to do great things, terrorize minor cities and towns as well as to engage in the random 
 murder of civilians]
 Your mother: Ugh ug 
 [I love you baby, remember to amass a great pile of the heads and hearts of your enemies to celebrate each joyful occasion, I am forever proud of you]
 You, holding back your tears say: Ugh ug ugh uug ug ugaboo 
 [Love y'all]
 Walking slowly, you head out on your journey, not looking back, clutching a rough piece of hide with the title: 
 *Roughly-scrawled characters with scratches here and there*  
 [Wrathe's Guide For Young Warriors]

Wrathe's Guide For Young Warriors

The instructions below are mainly for warriors so take that in mind, but for other guild newcomers exploring combat and melee, this can be useful for you too

I'm writing a guide on newbie areas here: User:Wrathe/Guide_On_Newbie_Areas

- Invest in one melee skill like sword and one main defence skill like parrying that makes sense for your stats, playing style and sub-guild/guild, you can type skills primaries and skills fighting stats to check

- If you have multiple of the same items, you can differentiate them or specify which one to use/sell by typing sell item 1 or sell item 2 etc. depending on the order.

- Most warrior guilds have newbie chests, these will have equipment donated by older players, please grab as much as you can from these places. All warrior newbie chests are open to all warriors, no matter their sub-guild. This is same for the skill instructor npcs, you can advance your skills at any warrior sub-guild.

- To learn certain commands like fix or stab once you have reached the skill level to learn it, type sayto [instructor] teach me please or just type say teach me please if you are in the same room as the skill instructor npc

- Different warrior sub-guild locations can have specific different rooms you can use depending on your sub-guild such as crafting stations like a tannery or a training room with guards you can challenge, typing help here in these rooms can tell you more. Warrior sub-guilds will also usually have a smithy and a weapon/armour shop.

- Focus on advancing fighting special tactics (see Fighting.special.tactics) as well, a good recommendation is to be within 100 levels of your main melee and defence skills, without it, a melee fighter will get overwhelmed quickly.

- Try to invest 10 levels into crafts smithing to get the Fix command, very useful for maintaining your weapons, armours and tools. Moreover, damaged weapons or armours that have reached a poor condition can break or be less effective in general. See condition

- Get a Yellow Stone Ring early-on, this will light up for you in the dark and only uses 30gp each time, you can remove and wear it again if you run out of gp, see here for places to buy:

- Get a large backpack as well, it holds more than a satchel, its around 10-12 AM dollars,

- Use the keep command on your prized belongings, type syntax keep for more info

- Increasing your fighting.points will increase your guild points if you are a warrior and in general increase the amount of special attacks/bandaging etc you can do.

- You can get TMs when working on skills or fighting or when in a group, this is when your skill level increases by 1 on their own for a certain skill. If you are inspired while in a group (see Taskmaster#Inspired), you are more able to gain a TM in the skill you are inspired in for a short amount of time.

- For travelling between regions, you can use the taxi club, type refer taxi to learn more, its free if you are under 18 hours of age and $5 dollars or a foreign currency equivalent if you are above. Otherwise you can use Arcane transport NPCs at each major city, carriages, ferries or walk on foot yourself (this is the last resort option, its not that safe for new players in certain areas where npcs auto-attack like the gloomy forest.

- Invest in fighting unarmed grappling (see Fighting.unarmed.grappling) so that your weapons don't get snatched from your hands and can defend against fumble (Fumble) rituals

- For healing, try to get the bandage command (Bandage), as well, check player shops to buy witch healing teas, which can heal you over time. Or fill up a bottle of blue water from Temple of Small Gods.

- Invest in your adventuring health skill, learn from Lanfear once past guild max, try to get to 2000 hp, or can ask any of these player teachers if they are online:, you can also type refer teacher to learn more. If you have guild-maxed other skills, you can do the same thing.

- Type options combat and syntax tactics to customize how you fight. Fight with your own playing style! You can type options combat weapon_warning = on to see more info about how you're doing during combat.

- Keep burden below 50% to not get a dexterity debuff, see: Burden#Dexterity_penalties, you can type burden to check what is weighing you down

- Avoid killing npc shopkeepers unless you don't want to shop there for a while

- Don't kill civilian npcs in front of imperial guard/watchmen/hoplites/etc (warriors in djb) in cities

- Sword/Parry, Dagger/Dodge combinations work well in terms of skills and bonuses

- Gufnork is a good faith to worship for warriors, the cure light wounds ritual is very useful, see: Cure_Light_Wounds, as well you will need generally a good to quite good alignment, fluffy clothes and some investment in faith skills to be able to trigger the ritual reliably

- You can start investing in magic or faith as well once you find yourself guild-maxing your main warrior skills, magic for tpas/teleportation with magic scrolls and faith for follower rituals/divine hand with faith rods

- Don't attack witch/wizard/priest/troll/golem npcs unless necessary, these guys will give a very tough time for relatively little reward

- Dual wielding weapons such as swords become an option once your dexterity >= 14 to gain more attacks over time, you can type score stats to see your stats. To dual wield, type hold [weapon] in left hand and hold [weapon] in right hand. If you have multiple weapons like multiple swords, you will have to type hold sword 1 in left hand and hold sword 2 in right hand or specify the weapon to hold them correctly. You can still try dual wielding before rearranging where all your stats start at 13 but take in mind you will suffer some penalties from Weapons#Attacking_with_the_off-hand so test it out before you go with it. Also take in mind that there are certain special attacks like iai that require you to have only one sword in your hands to work.

- Usually coins like farthings, pence, ptascpi, saveloy-rhinus tend to weigh down on your burden, I would recommend depositing these frequently at a nearby bank or altogether dropping these or not looting these coins as they tend to get more worthless as you level up. If you find yourself burdened down by these coins and can't grab the coins because its so heavy, you can try commands like take 200 pence from pack or specify a lower or higher amount depending on how much you have and depositing those in the bank (or even dropping them) to loosen burden.

- Generally, you need money in the local currency to spend the money, if you find you need some local cash, you can usually find a local money changer at a major city. You can then type sell money to automatically exchange your currency for the local currency. To see the conversion rates beforehand, you can get a estimate using the rate command, type help rate and help currency or see currency to learn more.

- For excess items you don't need, you can store them in vaults, nella's vault is hidden underground, type down when you reach the spot

- Weapons, armour, shields and clothing can be enchanted. Enchanted shields, armour and clothing tend to be more durable and reduce less damage inflicted on you. Enchanted weapons are more durable and can deal more damage but can be harder to use (but give more exp when in combat). Weapons can also be warded by priest friends so that if snatched, it will trigger a ward on the thief.

- Get some Adventuring.movement.swimming skills before venturing into areas you need to swim, you can drown easily with the amount of armour a warrior carries, also in some of these areas, balancing become useful as you might fall into the water even on land, so Adventuring.acrobatics.balancing is also a good skill to advance. If you find you are drowning, you can try removing all your items at once, swimming up, get some air, and then gradually pick up one item at a time by swimming down and grabbing one item and then up, find some land, dump that item and then gradually do the same until you have your essentials on land and then wear it all. This is only recommended in non-monster filled somewhat shallow waters. See my drowning aliases for more info. You can also purchase a red and coral ring to keep you afloat.

- Related to above point about swimming, if you are on a dock or near sewers, avoid going down, for docks, you might drown as you end up in water, you can type look down to check, for sewers, these are usually filled with dangerous monsters and for the Sto Lat Sewers, you might need to rely on your balancing skills or else you get flushed all around and end up consuming sewer water which can make you sick for a while.

- If you get pets, you don't need to feed them but you can if you want, also certain npcs will auto-attack pets, see: Pet#Keeping_pets_safe

- I don't recommend getting horses early on for young players as there are some skill bonus requirements to meet, see mount:

* bonus >= 190 for very high docility horse
* bonus >= 250 for a high docility horse
* crafts.husbandry.animal.grooming bonus >= 215
* crafts.medicine.diagnosis >= 210 strongly recommended in order to detect diseases early, to minimise expense and inconvenience.

Or else you might end up having to stable your horse all the time or just getting thrown off the horse every now and then.

- You will need a weapons permit to hold weapons in Bes Pelargic unless you are a member of the Imperial Guard, otherwise keep your weapons sheathed as Imperial Guards will confiscate them. You can buy permits from the Shify-looking man on Tuna Walk. Usually lower guild level players will get a cheaper price. Type 'look permit' to see how long you can use the permit for. You can put permits in bags or containers on you and will still work.

- Fencing items can get you more money than selling loot to general store, however you will need some or a sub-skill to sell for more money at a fence. Check Fence for more info. There are also achievements associated with fencing too.

- Type alias .project to change your project, alias .plan to change your plan as well as chfn if you want to change what people see when they finger you. Type describe main [your description] to change your description when somebody looks at you or types refer [your character name]. To update your reference which is the info players will mainly see when they 'refer' you, type alias .reference

- Areas that are too cold or too hot can kill you, see hypothermia or heatstroke, if you are too cold, you can wear warming clothes like robes, cloaks and jackets and if you are too hot, you can wear himations, chitons and thobes to cool down. As well you can move to a hotter place like a smithy to warm up and to a cooler place if it is too hot to cool down. If you are wet and cold for too long, you might also catch the common cold, so you can buy a towel to keep dry. You can also purchase an elegant ring to regulate your temperature. See temperature for more info.

- Areas to avoid: The Shades in Ankh-Morpork, The Snail or The Medina in Bes Pelargic and I would say avoid the Hub, Gloomy Forest and Uberwald in general, see: Dangerous_zones

- Make some friends ;) and have fun, especially wizard friends :) they can give you magical shields (tpas) and harden your skin (ccc)

Links for the Budding Warrior


- Category:Concepts

- Unofficial_quest_solutions

- Category:Newbie_Guides

- Discworld_MUD_Wiki:Community_portal






- Kill all (or use this one: Kill_alias, its better)

 alias ka kill all except killers&shopkeepers&cats&hags&bats&wizards&priests&clouds&summons&pets&camels&purewhitebirds&tomtom&palms&trees&luggages&dragons&Kangwu&stallowners&cobblers&ryattenoki&everyfireflies&moths&lights&tneduts&phos-phor&lap-lip&oliver&guard thieves&lip-phon&mihk&fences&ptyler&shifty-looking man&nogowan&ptarquet&pkara&hattianguards&goldenblossom&bessie&pennie&minions&chickens&goats&calves&skeletonwarriors&priestesses&priests&pickpockets&players&trolls&captive&Kyakenko&heavies&mounts&$*$

- When drowning:

 alias drown unkeep all; remove all; drop all; swim up $*$

- And finally reached land and grabbed all items:

 alias undrown take all; keep all; wear all $*$

- Holding weapons/shields/tools in different hands:

 alias hl hold $*$ in left hand
 alias hr hold $*$ in right hand

- When assisting in a group:

 alias gu2 group leader $1*$;group unassist;group assist $1*$;drag assist $1*$

- Checking the condition of what you are wearing or using:

 alias cda condition damaged all $*$

- Check what you are wearing, carrying or holding, if you want a shortened list instead of the full inventory:

 alias ia inventory armour
 alias ih inventory holding
 alias ic inventory carrying

- For mending clothes quickly, switch out the word bag if you are using another container:

 alias presew open bag; take thread spool except sinew spool from satchels in bag; take small needle from satchels in bag; hl needle; $*$
 alias pc put clothes in bag
 alias sewc thread needle from spool; sew $*$ with needle
 alias sewcl take at most 1 damaged clothes except glass things&leather things&metal things from bag; sewc damaged clothing; pcj $*$; count damaged clothes in bag
 alias postsew put spool,needle in satchel in bag; close bag

Short names referenced below:

- AM is Ankh-Morpork

- CWC is Counterweight continent

- DJB is Djelibeybi

- BP is Bes Pelargic

Notes on what are good things to loot

- Auriental Dresses from BP:

- Grey Travelling Cloaks from carriage stops at AM, Sto Lat or generally on the Sto Plains:

- Ivory Dice from Ephebe:

- Hairwreath of Roses from Ephebe:

- Carved Bone Auloi from Ephebe:

- Peploi from Ephebe:

- Most if not all black velvet clothing, found all over the Disc:

- Most if not all white silk clothing, found all over the Disc:

- Fine silk robes from AM, DJB, Genua and BP:

- Most medallions except bronze/brass/copper ones, found all over the Disc:

- Most thobes, found in DJB: