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About me

Warrior player here making sure new warriors and other players have up-to-date combat guides that make sense and reduce the questions needed from newbie and talker channels!

As well also filling out wanted pages on the side as I explore the Disc and kill random creatures.

Guides I'm working on:

Stuff I'm currently researching: User:Wrathe/research

A Sparky and Noshoes NYE ACID FLOOR Tour: (Sparky + Noshoes goes to the shelox lair to experience acid floors, theres a 50% casualty rate)

Successful experiment of "skydiving" from the sky to the room in front of the Mended Drum, led by Sparky:

This is a huge cake, the kind that usually has a clown hiding in it at
birthday parties.  There is a large Tempo, Gaetania, Valter, Yuta Mikazuki,
Yase, Bradro, Noshoes, a swarm of fireflies and a dapple grey horse shaped hole
in the top.
It has just been nibbled on.

My alts include: Mortis, Yuta, Zhuangzi, Yamato, Aristotle, Giuseppe