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About Me

Safecracker who spends very little time cracking safes.
Active member of Shonkers [1]. Barely-present recruiter for QMA [2].


Shonkers Requests

For Shonkers Requests, I operate on a name-your-own-price policy. Assuming the item you want isn't expensive and/or difficult to obtain, you can pay whatever you want. Otherwise, I'd like compensation.

What do I consider expensive and/or difficult to obtain?

The best way to tell me you want something is to list your request on the Shonkers wiki page, which I check frequently.


Gift-wrapping services include the following:

Patterns Available: spike, swirl, circle, wave.

Languages Known: Agatean, Brindisian, Djelian, Ephebian, Klatchian, Morporkian, Uberwaldean

List of materials available upon request.


I do not have arcane or mystical transport or a mount. If you are far away and in need of a badge, the best I can do is recruit you into the club and send a badge through the AM Post Office. If you are in a hurry, you can buy your badge for &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 $1 with "replace insignia for QMA" at your nearest service area instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Reminder: The the talker channel is not spoiler-free. Members are permitted to discuss quests, missions, achievements, etc.

Written Language TM Notes

30 minutes of wait time between language TM is sufficient.

The Assassins' Guild Library Books

Title Author Code Languages
Hear Penny Whistle Andrew lanan1 Morporkian
Tea for Two (in Agatean) Andrew lanan2 Agatean
See Sand Seep (in Djelian) Andrew lanan3 Djelian
Hear Plato Prattle (in Ephebian) Andrew lanan4 Ephebian
Hear Wulf Bark (in Uberwaldean) Andrew lanan5 Uberwaldean
Guide to Copperhead (Dwarfish Edition) Mauve lanma6 Dwarfish, Morporkian
Pterrific's Language Primer v1 Pterrific lanpt1 Agatean, Brindisian, Djelian, Ephebian, Klatchian, Morporkian, Uberwaldean
Pterrific's Language Primer v3 Pterrific lanpt2 Agatean, Brindisian, Djelian, Ephebian, Klatchian, Morporkian, Uberwaldean, Dwarfish
Klatch, Continent and Country (in Klatchian) Sneeky lansn1 Klatchian
Tasting Tutti Frutti (in Brindisian) Sneeky lansn2 Brindisian