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Safecracker who spends very little time cracking safes.
Active member of Shonkers [1]. Silent member of Artificers' Anonymous [2] and ctf [3]. Barely-present recruiter for QMA [4].

Pottery Research

See Ozzie Guntram's Glaze.

Pottery Showcase

For personal reference, as I prefer to leave pieces unsigned.

A beautiful large wine-gold amphora

A beautiful amphore formed beautifully from pottery, with simple, elegant lines.  On either side of the long neck is a handle shaped like the arched neck and head of a swan, perfectly matched.  Graceful and elegant lotus blossoms have been stained around its surface in indigo and turquoise.  A bright wine-gold glaze covers the amphora.

(Crafted on the 17th of May, 2022 / 7th of June Secundus, UC 2045)