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  • Current: Wallsy
  • Inactive: TGGM, Mathew, Methew, Selenia, Tiggum
  • Deleted: Thurrz, Mirri (ages ago, someone else had it since), Crovax, Tiggles

Personal Info

I have autoteach on. That means if you learn stuff from me, I don't even necessarily notice you're there. Having learnt from me several times does not make us old friends and when complete strangers come up and hug/kiss/lick me, I take offense. Don't do it. In fact, don't lick anyone, it's disgusting. Oh, and if you want to learn commands, let me know. I have an alias set up to teach every command I know, so you can get any I can teach all at once.

  • Real name: Rev. Mathew Walls
  • Website:
  • Birthday: 14th of May
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Guild: Weapon Masters' Court (warriors)
  • First login: Fri Nov 10 14:36:50 2000 [AEST].

Contact Info

  • E-mail:
  • ICQ: 135999973
  • MSN:
  • AIM: tggmdelacroix
  • Yahoo!: mathew_walls

I'm also frequently on IRC in the #xkcd-signal channel on and the #wharrgarbl channel on