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Chat aliases

alias one $ifarg:one $*$else$talker history one$endif$
alias two $ifarg:two $*$else$talker history two$endif$
alias igame $ifarg:igame $*$else$talker history igame$endif$
alias wiz $ifarg:wizards $*$else$talker history wizards$endif$
alias pri $ifarg:priests $*$else$talker history priests$endif$
alias wit $ifarg:witches $*$else$talker history witches$endif$
alias newbie $ifarg:newbie $*$else$ newbie history$endif$
alias nbh $ifarg:newbiehelpers $*$else$ newbiehelpers history$endif$

Group aliases

alias gs $ifarg:group say $*$else$group shields$endif$
alias gh group history
alias gsb group status brief
alias gst group status
alias gfa group follow $arg:all$
alias grf group unfollow $arg:all$;group follow $arg:all$
alias ga group unassist;group assist
alias gl group leader


alias mend get needle & spool from bbag into left hand;hold needle;nosoul pull thread from spool;thread needle with thread;sew $arg:a damaged clothing$ with held needle;wind threads onto spool;put held needle & spools except empty spools in bbag

the extra step to wind threads onto spool helps if you accidentally try to mend something you're wearing and the alias fails

alias jak fence $arg:them$ to jak
alias jak10 get weapon 1 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 2 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 3 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 4 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 5 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 6 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 7 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 8 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 9 in $arg:boxes$ & weapon 10 in $arg:boxes$;fence weapons except stiles & wands & staves & dories & klatchian steel hatchets & slender blades to jak

add whichever weapons you use to the except, to be safe

alias sol fence $arg:them$ to sol
alias sol10 get jewellery 1 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 2 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 3 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 4 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 5 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 6 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 7 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 8 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 9 in $arg:boxes$ & jewellery 10 in $arg:boxes$;fence them to sol

Note that if you are carrying your loot containers, you should use "boxes in me" or whichever container you're using instead.

alias jim fence $arg:them$ to jim
alias jim10 get clothing 1 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 2 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 3 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 4 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 5 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 6 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 7 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 8 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 9 in $arg:boxes$ & clothing 10 in $arg:boxes$;fence them to jim
alias jima10 get armour 1 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 2 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 3 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 4 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 5 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 6 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 7 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 8 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 9 in $arg:boxes$ & armour 10 in $arg:boxes$;fence them to jim

go to jewellery fence first, since jewellery counts as armour

Wizard Spells

alias a $ifarg:$ifarg6:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$;cast tpa on $5$;cast tpa on $6$else$ifarg5:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$;cast tpa on $5$else$ifarg4:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$else$ifarg3:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$else$ifarg2:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$else$ifarg1:cast tpa on $1$endif$endif$endif$endif$endif$endif$else$cast tpa on me$endif$
alias b group say tpaing $arg:me$;$ifarg:$ifarg6:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$;cast tpa on $5$;cast tpa on $6$else$ifarg5:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$;cast tpa on $5$else$ifarg4:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$;cast tpa on $4$else$ifarg3:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$;cast tpa on $3$else$ifarg2:cast tpa on $1$;cast tpa on $2$else$ifarg1:cast tpa on $1$endif$endif$endif$endif$endif$endif$else$cast tpa on me$endif$
alias j get $*$ blorp from blorpcontainers;cast jpct on $*$ blorp;put every blorp in blorpcontainers;open portal

blorpcontainers is a nickname of the containers you keep your blorps in. eg nickname blorpcontainers tool belt & knapsack.

blorps are identified as x y z blorp. eg identify rose rhodonite ring as uu unseen lounge landing blorp. then you can portal to the uu by typing j uu, or j landing, or j unseen.

alias grg recover human $ifarg:$*$ $endif$corpse;cast grg on human $ifarg:$*$ $endif$corpse;cast tpa on my skeleton warrior
alias skel $ifarg:give $*$ to my skeleton warrior$else$cast tpa on my skeleton warrior$endif$

I recommend also doing 'nickname my skeleton warrior skel', so you can interact with it more easily.

alias sh drag enchanted shield $arg:bw$

not actually a spell, but useful for getting out of danger when eff falls. after the first drag backward, drag again in another direction to avoid enemies chasing you. if you don't enchant your shields, just replace enchanted shield with whatever.

alias octo unhold held thing;retrieve staff from elsewhere;octograve with staff;store staff between here and there $*$
alias retrievestaff unhold held things;retrieve staff from elsewhere;alias sta storestaff;$*$
alias storestaff store staff between here and there;alias sta retrievestaff $*$
alias sta retrievestaff;

for CMS2. sta switches between storing and retrieving each time it's called.

alias wamg get $*$ blorp from blorpcontainers;cast wamg on $*$ blorp;gaze into $*$ blorp;put every blorp in blorpcontainers

there are two different sets of aliases for the mirror/silver necklace spells depending on whether you wear a mirrored timepiece or keep a mirror and a necklace in your component pouch.

if you wear the mirrored timepiece (3/9 of a pound):

alias ffm cast ffm on $arg:someone$ with worn mirror;nosoul gaze into worn mirror
alias gfr remove timepiece;cast gfr on $arg:held staff$;wear timepiece
alias mmm remove mirrors;cast mmm on $arg:opponent$;wear mirrors

if you keep a mirror (2/9 of a pound) and a silver necklace (also 2/9 of a pound) or a mirrored timepiece (3/9 of a pound) in a component pouch

alias ffm cast ffm on $arg:someone$ with mirror in every component pouch;nosoul gaze into mirror in every component pouch
alias gfr cast gfr on $arg:held staff$
alias mmm cast mmm on $arg:opponent$

the second set of aliases is simpler and faster to execute for gfr and mmm, while the first set is faster for ffm. this is because gfr requires your component to not be worn, while ffm and mmm don't.

alias hv get $arg:eyes$ from corpses & heads;recover $arg:eyes$ in corpses & $arg:eyes$ in heads;put eyes & feathers & hearts in worn hat & bbag;
alias pics identify uncured $arg:eyes$ in every component pouch except troll $arg:eyes$ in every component pouch & stone $arg:eyes$ in every component pouch as pfgcomp;hold pickling stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 6 in every component pouch with held stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 5 in every component pouch with held stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 4 in every component pouch with held stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 3 in every component pouch with held stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 2 in every component pouch with held stick;zap uncured pfgcomp 1 in every component pouch with held stick;unidentify every pfgcomp in every component pouch & me;hold mydaggers
alias pfg cast pfg;g eye 3 in every component pouch & eye 6 in every component pouch & eye 9 in every component pouch $*$

pfg aliases. I used to have a problem with running out of eyes at the wrong time, so the glance is to keep a rough track of how many eyes you have left - if one eye shows up, you're running low, but if three show up, you've still got at least nine left.

alias klein capture energy in bottle with funnel $*$

charging klein bottles

aliases with nothing interesting aren't listed here - usually just cast on $arg:me$, $arg:opponent$ or $*$ if you really don't know

aliases that use stat items are also not listed, because they're really very personalised. it's best to make your own - something like: get flat cap from bbag;wear flat cap;perform asdf on $arg:hjkl$;remove flat cap;put flat cap in bbag


Making scrolls

alias qs get chapbook from ksac;tear 2 pages from chapbook;put chapbooks except closed chapbooks in ksac;identify papers except scrolls as blank paper;get pen from ksac into right hand;scribe $arg:jpct$ on blank paper 1 with held pen;scribe $arg:jpct$ on blank paper 2 with held pen;put pen in ksac;unidentify blank scrolls

replace 'ksac' with the container you keep your chapbooks and pen in. make sure all chapbooks are open.

alias pen get pen from ksac into right hand $*$
alias packet put $arg:scrolls$ in packet
alias case feed $*$ to scroll case from my mind
alias uncase retrieve $*$ from scroll case
alias lsic list spells in scroll case

Using scrolls

alias sj get $*$ blorp & jpct scroll from blorpcontainers & canteens;cast jpct from jpct scroll on $*$ blorp;put every blorp in blorpcontainers;open portal

I keep my scrolls in my tea canteen on my witch. using one get command from two containers makes it execute faster than getting from both separately

Witch Commands

alias makeseed get pellet;cast mtye on pellet;place ivy seed in pellet;put enchanted pellet in ksac $*$

preparing smelly seeds for vining people with. 'mtye' is a nickname for the enchanting spell. note that wizards are faster and more gp efficient at making these than witches for some reason

alias vi cast gshu on $arg:opponent$


alias f cast gshg on $arg:a enchanted utensil$

in-combat aliases should be as short as possible without overlapping with each other

alias squ nosoul squint from scratch;nosoul squint research by squinching at $arg:opponent$
alias ey nosoul squint from scratch;nosoul squint research by eyeing at $arg:random human$

for using pure squints without having to spend mindspace. copy and paste for each type of squint

alias fa fade into the foreground $ifarg:by $*$endif$;


alias gaz $ifarg:gaze into gazeves while concentrating on $*$else$get gazeves & inkves & waterves from bbag;open inkves;empty gazeves;fill gazeves 1/4 up from inkves;fill gazeves from waterves;close inkves;put every inkves & every waterves in bbag$endif$

gaze alias. note that gaze seems to be kinda complete trash, possibly only useful at over 300 scrying. use a crystal ball instead. waterves is a bottle of water, inkves is a bottle of ink, gazeves is whatever size of container that fits your scrying bonus. inkves is kept closed to prevent water getting in if you go swimming, gazeves is emptied out anyway when refreshing the inky water, and waterves actually gets a top up so leaving it open is good

alias fb fuel broom with $arg:\10$0 gp;nosoul shake broom
alias sbr nosoul shake $*$ broom
alias rb recall from $*$ broom
alias ft fly to $arg:\11$ on broom

have your default flyto be somewhere you go a lot and/or somewhere safe, like the drum

alias wewa sp mor;frimble ...;say please teach me;frimble ...;say $*$;

short for weatherwax. alias for learning a spell


note that my priest is a hattian, so some of these are hat-specific.

alias spec $ifarg:order spectres to $*$else$take prayer beads & candle from ksac into right hand;light candle;perform unquiet spirit;hold myaxes;put candles & prayer books & prayer beads & dinner knives except held prayer beads into ksac$endif$
alias totem $ifarg:ask totem to $*$else$get party hat from bbag;perform totem on party hat;put party hat in bbag$endif$
alias rem $ifarg:get book of cigarette papers from knapsack;tear paper from book of cigarette papers; put book of cigarette papers in ksac;perform remember place on cigarette paper;identify it as $*$ rem;put cigarette papers in blorpcontainers$endif$
alias dh $ifarg:get $*$ rem from blorpcontainers;perform divine hand on $*$ rem;put $*$ rem in blorpcontainers$else$identify every rem in blorpcontainers$endif$
alias fs $ifarg:get $*$ rem from blorpcontainers;perform far sight on $*$ rem;put $*$ rem in blorpcontainers$else$feed spectres fully$endif$

blorpcontainers is a nickname of the containers you keep your remembers in. eg nickname blorpcontainers tool belt & knapsack.

alias visit $ifarg:remote $*$ visits you unexpectedly!$else$perform visit$endif$

Note that this alias may conflict with leaving your passage room, if you are a Hattian. Since aliases are case sensitive, you can fix this with:

alias vh Visit host

The capital letter will make it not use the above visit alias.

alias maj get prayer beads from bbag into right hand;perform major shield on $arg:me$;nosoul hold myaxes;put leather shield & prayer beads except held prayer beads in bbag
alias majs get prayer beads from bbag into right hand;perform major shield on $arg:me$;perform major shield on $arg:me$;perform major shield on $arg:me$;nosoul hold myaxes;put leather shield & prayer beads except held prayer beads in bbag
alias pr get charging & prayer beads from bbag into left hand and right hand;hold charging & prayer beads;pray;nosoul hold myaxes;put rods & prayer beads except held things in bbag; $*$

identify a faith rod that you're charging prayers into as 'charging' beforehand

alias hsac get prayer beads from bbag into right hand;perform holy sacrifice;sheathe knife $*$
alias sbl staunch bleeding $*$  

identify your knife sheath as a component pouch. the lightest knife is a marzipan dinner knife (2/9 of a pound) from the cutlery shop in bp, the second lightest is a cardboard knife (3/9) from when the custom knife guy at the klatchian foreign legion forgets your order. the 'small knife' available in shops everywhere is 5/9.

alias cm perform cure medium wounds on $arg:me$
alias vis perform visions on $arg:opponent$
alias fum perform fumble on $arg:opponent$
alias align score align
alias env get prayer beads from ksac into right hand;envalise $*$ corpse & $*$ corpses;hold myaxes;put prayer beads except held things in bbag;

by using both corpse and corpses, you cover both single and multiple ritburies.

remembers are identified as x y z rem. eg identify cigarette paper as uu unseen lounge landing rem. then you can passage to the UU by typing dh uu, or dh landing, or dh unseen.

aliases with nothing interesting aren't listed here - usually just perform on $arg:me$, $arg:opponent$ or $*$ if you really don't know.

aliases that use stat items are also not listed, because they're really very personalised. it's best to make your own.


for use with the fnp spell. 'nickname my cloud msty' first. these aliases also work with fruitbats. 'notloot' is a long nickname including everything you don't want to be stored on the cloud. this is mine:

nickname wands & staves & enchanted knives & enchanted daggers & tiger fangs & klatchian steel hatchets & tiger fangs & shotos & worn things & held things & enchanted clothes & prayer things & fruit & vegetables & keys & leashes & talismans & cats & scrolls & eyes & hearts & dried things & pamphlets & crude string bags & funnels & silver pipes & furoshiki cloths & letters & money & growlers & glass things & ash & maps & chocolate covered coffee beans & fruits & seeds & every blorp & sacks & boxes & barrels & crates & bandages & tools & crowbars & blorpcontainers & black top hats & leather shields except silk hats notloot
alias msty ask msty to 
alias cl ask msty to return hessian sack;put $arg:all except notloot$ in hessian sacks;give hessian sack to msty
alias cc ask msty to drop used crates;put $arg:all except notloot$ in used crates;ask msty to get used crates
alias cx ask msty to drop boxes;put $arg:all except notloot$ in boxes;ask msty to get boxes
alias mu ask msty to get $arg:crates & sacks & boxes & barrels & money$
alias md ask msty to drop $arg:crates & sacks & boxes & barrels$
alias mg give $arg:money$ to msty
alias mr ask msty to return $arg:money except penny & derechmus & saveloy-rhinu & cent & farthing & ptascp$

always leave at least one coin of spare change on the cloud to prevent it from departing early.

alias quit ask msty to return all;quit
alias su ask msty to return all;su

for people paranoid about leaving stuff on their cloud. not useful for bats.

The Library

alias librarydirectionsoff unalias n;unalias s;unalias w;unalias e;alias libdir librarydirectionson $*$
alias librarydirectionson alias n forward;alias s backward\;turn around;alias w left\;turn right;alias e right\;turn left;alias libdir librarydirectionsoff $*$
alias libdir librarydirectionson $*$

converts the weird library directions into the regular nsew directions, at the cost of inflicting major alias lag.

alias page $ifarg:turn to page $*$ of book$else$turn page in book$endif$;read book

type page to turn one page, and page <number> to turn to a particular page.


alias geryon teach me $1$ levels of $2$ from all;learn $2$ from geryon

copy and modify for any people you regularly learn from. use like this: 'geryon max' or 'geryon 1'

alias teachers $ifarg1:$ifarg2:$ifarg3:teach me $2$ levels of $3$ from all;learn $3$ from $1$else$teach me max levels of $2$ from all;learn $2$ from $1$endif$else$who $*$endif$else$who lanfear,club teacher$endif$

a more general form. type 'teachers' alone to see the teachers online.

McSweeney Restaurant Missions

never used these myself, but I copied these from someone a while back, I forget who.

alias balls1 get balls from fryer;put balls in chute $*$
alias bits1 get bits from vat;put bits in chute $*$
alias chops1 get chopsuey from vat;put chopsuey in chute $*$
alias chowm1 get chowmein from griddle;put chowmein in chute $*$
alias dib1 get bigdibbler $arg:1$ from grill;prepare bigdibbler;get bigdibbler from surface;put bigdibbler in chute
alias duck1 get duck from fryer;prepare duck;get duck from surface;put duck in chute $*$
alias fnood get noodles from vat;put noodles on griddle $*$
alias fnood1 get noodles from griddle;put noodles in chute $*$
alias frice get rice from vat;put rice on griddle $*$
alias frice1 get rice from griddle;put rice in chute $*$
alias keb1 get kebab $arg:1$ from grill;prepare kebab;get kebab from surface;put kebab in chute
alias nood1 get noodles from vat;put noodles in chute $*$
alias pork1 get porker $arg:1$ from fryer;prepare porker;get porker from surface;put porker in chute
alias rat1 get rat $arg:1$ from grill;prepare rat;get wrapper from surface;put wrapper in chute
alias rib1 get rib $arg:1$ from grill;prepare rib;get rib from surface;put rib in chute
alias rice1 get rice from vat;put rice in chute $*$
alias chap check appliances $*$                      
alias nood put noodles in vat $*$
alias cor check orders $*$                           
alias pork put pork in fryer $*$
alias dib put bigdibbler on grill $*$                
alias rack put $*$ in rack
alias duck put duck in fryer $*$                     
alias rat put rat on grill $*$
alias fetch fetch $*$ from pantry                    
alias rib put rib on grill $*$
alias keb put kebab on grill $*$                     
alias rice put rice in vat $*$

Idle aliases

These are way too personalised to write here directly, but here are some tips.

  • At the beginning of the alias, use "brief queue" to reduce the massive spam from your huge alias all queuing at once, and then "verbose queue" at the end to turn your queue back on.
  • Similarly, use "memo stop" at the beginning and "memo add GP full. in 04:00" to make the game remind you when your GP is full. Replace 4:00 here with however long it takes for your gp to refill from the end of your alias.
  • Try to rotate between skill trees with each command as much as possible for best tms. I think it's a minimum of 14 commands for full command xp.
    • Adventuring: search, judge, vurdere
    • Covert: there are a ton. Outside of the standard 16ish, "consider covert" is a frequently overlooked one.
    • Faith: easy if you're a priest/follower, impossible if you're a witch/wizard. If you're a priest, it might be good to alternate between a full gp pray and an idle alias.
    • Fighting: Hard to do reliably.
    • Magic: easy if you're a witch/wizard, hard if you're anything else. There's the crystal ball and the paint wand, if you can't find anything else.
    • Crafts: Furoshiki cloth, graving tool, musical instrument.
    • People: value, and I think that fancy folding fan from BP.
  • The maximum length for an alias is 5 minutes. This means that if you make your alias take longer up to the limit with time-wasters like frimble, you can regen more gp while it's running and you can wait longer in between firing your alias.
  • Be careful not to have too many idling items out at once, or you might fumble them.
  • Don't idle in public or in front of other people - it's super spammy.

For reference, this is my wizard's idle alias.

alias id brief queue;memo stop;sheathe held weapons;de;get pen from bbag;conceal pen;value antique pen;search;cast cips;unhold held weapons;get graving tool & pattern book from bbag & holster into right hand;turn to page 10 of pattern book;engrave pattern from book on wand using held graving tool;put graving tool & pattern book in holster & bbag;get instrument & small leather shield from bbag;palm instrument into my hands;value suspender belt;vurdere small leather shield;play held instrument;cast ffm on someone with worn mirror;nosoul gaze into worn mirror;hide;value star ring;unhide;judge wand in me;perform solo on held instrument;cast ftf;get frog & blue paper from bbag;consider covert frog in me;value antique pen;search;nosoul serenade frog on held instrument;nosoul hold pen;scribe tpa on blue paper with pen;slip pen from my hands;put instrument & pen in bbag;value suspender belt;vurdere small leather shield;draw graving tool;engrave text Wand of Pickling on wand with held graving tool in morporkian;sheathe tool;cast tpa from tpa scroll on me;put instruments & small leather shields in bbag;get furoshiki cloth from bbag;wrap wand in furoshiki cloth;unwrap present;value star ring;judge wand in me;get instrument -1 from bbag;hold instrument;serenade frog on instrument;cast fci on wand;drop wand -1;put frog & instrument & furoshiki cloth & blue paper in bbag;score brief;verbose queue;spellcheck fully fnp;memo add GP full. in $arg:04:25$;nosoul hold klein bottle in left hand

More information here.


alias tadj alias tell tell \$1\$ $ifarg:@$*$endif$ \$2*\$

an alias that aliases your tell command to have an adjective.

alias mm map door text

shows what's in surrounding rooms. worth making into a hotkey

alias spamsays say Spam is a brand of canned precooked meat products made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II.[1];say By 2003, Spam was sold in 41 countries on six continents and trademarked in over 100 countries.[2] In 2007, the seven billionth can of Spam was sold.[3];say According to its label, Spam's basic ingredients are pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite as a preservative.;say Natural gelatin forms during cooking in its tins on the production line.[4];say By the early 1970s the name "Spam" was often misused to describe any tinned meat product containing pork, such as pork luncheon meat.

for making everyone around you tm languages.

alias ka kill all except killers&shopkeepers&cats&hags&bats&wizards&pri?ests&clouds&summons&pets&camels&pure white birds&tomtom&palms&trees&luggages&dragons&kang wu&shopkeepers&stallowners&cobblers&ryattenoki&every fireflies&moths&lights&tneduts&phos-phor&lap-lip&oliver&guard thieves&lip-phon&mihk&fences&ptyler&shifty-looking man&no go wan&ptarquet&pkara&hattian guards&goldenblossom&bessie&pennie&minions&chickens&goats&calves&skeleton warriors&$*$

attacks all the things in the room except stuff you're not supposed to attack.

alias cdt condition damaged things & damaged things in all & damaged things in all in all & damaged things in all in all in all

shows you stuff in your inventory or on the ground that's damaged. only goes four layers in, so if you nest containers a lot you'll want to extend this

alias sa :says with a Morporkian accent: 

an emote that looks exactly like a say, for pretending you know languages that you don't

alias engr $ifarg:engrave text $*$ with held graving tool$else$draw graving tool$endif$

engraving text

alias smf steal money from $*$
alias gtfo abscond bw and ambush

See also

Kiki's loot alias - pretty good, but if you have a cloud you'll want to add even more stuff into it Acer's_Speedwalking_in_the_Terrains - speedwalking aliases