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Sound triggers

For not missing important events.

paper work to carry

imp guard confiscating weapons. requires some spoken agatean

tells you:


strange distortion in space and time

L-space rift, do not walk into

fades nearly to nothingness as it prepares to depart

unquiet spirit ending, feed some gp. dust devils and dooms have a similar message, "slows its twirling as it prepares to depart" or something

gleefully stomps towards

priests in djb kidnapping you or someone else. either croc pit or abandonment in terrains

^In blocking the attack

EFF down

^The last of the injured

bugshield down

^There is a sudden white flash((?! around a passing).+?)

TPA down. filtered for that fake filigree street roomchat

^You lose your mental control\b

GRG skeleton warrior down. displays even when you left your skeleton somewhere else

struggle briefly but

snatched from you. the string for snatches from others is different

the giant fruitbat [nibbles on |stares at you anxiously|looks a bit peckish]

fruitbat hungry. feed

^Memo \(use "memo stop" to turn off\):$


^Whoops!  You tried to carry too many things


Omit triggers

For ignoring Ryattenoki.

^Ryattenoki((?!, ).+?)