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(Witches) Woom wisps: Philosophical question of the day: Why's there never any string nearby when you need some?
(Witches) Taepha wisps: Cats.
(Witches) Susannetta wisps: Borrowers.
(Witches) Medea wisps: because it's in my pocket
(Witches) Taepha wisps: It all comes down to cats. Borrowing cats.
(Witches) Susannetta wisps: Creators.
(Witches) Taepha wisps: Borrowing cre cats.
(Witches) Susannetta wisps: That would be it.
(Witches) Taepha wisps: Yup.
(Witches) Taepha wisps that she knew it all along!
(Witches) Susannetta wisps that she wonders which of the creators are secretly cats.
(Witches) Sasquatch wisps: meow

(Witches) Jelena wisps: It's a pity that fruitbats don't talk.
(Witches) Taepha wisps: Yes. I can just imagine their horrible high voices. 'Food! Food, you crone! Give me FOOD! Foodfoodfood!'

Desty wisps: The corpse of Taepha al'Nighter goes rigid in sudden pain and cries out loud.
Desty wisps: wow.. it's truly 'interactive' necrophilia!