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In Character

Sora is smart, charming, and likeable in a polished sort of way (and always with such an excellent cravat). He doesn't like many people in return, however. You'll know you're really his friend if he starts ranting about things to you and acting grumpy in your presence. As the scion of an Agatean noble house, he's a snob about many things, but he's getting a little better about it. Not much better, but a little better.

His dream is to become the Agatean ambassador to Ankh-Morpork, an ambition that's been complicated by his marriage to a Morporkian. It's a liability, of course: As a Morporkian, his husband won't qualify for the diplomatic immunity that anyone else's spouse would. He'll have to be far, far better than his competition for the emperor to select him anyway. But he really, genuinely believes he can do anything. He came to Ankh-Morpork through L-space, for Sandelfon's sake. Bringing his Morporkian husband to the Agatean embassy? A challenge, perhaps, but he's up to it.

Also, his hair is green. Like, naturally kind of a desaturated dark green. That's a little weird.

Out of Character

Just a smol assassin who wants to dress fashionably and have a nice house. Why advance your primaries when you can instead learn to paint?

Current Cravats

Moonlit Market

  • dark indigo cravat
  • dark lavender cravat
  • dark silver-grey cravat
  • dove grey cravat
  • elegant white cravat
  • funereal black cravat
  • ivory cravat
  • jet black cravat
  • lace-trimmed black cravat
  • lace-trimmed white cravat
  • midnight black cravat
  • raindrop grey cravat
  • snowy white cravat
  • storm-cloud grey cravat
  • summer's night blue cravat

Grangrid, Graves, & Descendants

  • classy indigo cravat (silk, discreet pattern)
  • ominous bone cravat (silk, no pattern)
  • shimmering cornflower blue cravat (Agatean silk, discreet pattern)
  • sleek silvery cravat (silk, discreet pattern)
  • suave midnight black cravat (silk, discreet pattern)


  • bourbon gold dupioni cravat (no style)
  • kingfisher blue habutai cravat (noble style)
  • maroon habutai cravat (noble style)
  • plum-coloured habutai cravat (no style)
  • seaweed green dupioni cravat (noble style)

(none of these have lining, trim, other decorations)


  • black silk cravat
  • charcoal grey cravat
  • peach blossom cravat
  • white silk cravat
  • wine-red cravat