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I should start collecting these:

Note #23 by ******* at Sun Jul 26 10:14:36 2009 on board thievesguild

On Fri Jul 24 04:43:44 2009, Petrov wrote:
a good post.

Stealing from an npc while someone is fighting the npc is low. Its deliberate,spiteful,malicious and is basically just showing that you dont really give a flying "PINEAPPLE" about other people.

Its lower than killstealing and is about on par with random corpse looting. I find the thought that thieves would deliberately act in that manner, especially a former guild master disgusting.

Lower still it was done by a senior pk who has more cash on the disc than any other player to a newb character. Lexx you are a class A Pfiuncekahpepalde.

Work out the code for what i think of lexx and get a royal if i see the post of what he is. (imagination might even get a higher reward)
Note #92 by Barbosa at Tue Oct 6 13:27:00 2009 [UK] on board flame
Im out, go to hell Lexx, Carino, Faye, Dweezz, Grimrak and the rest of you impaired individuals on admin.
- Barbosa the non-existant