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This is the aliases that I use on Aengel to sort out the remembered places she has. I needed to get it sorted somehow after I realized that she had duplicates and even triplicates of some places. She has a lot of remembered places to help with missions, and needed a way to have them somewhat sorted.

How it works

Chaining aliases...

  • port_add -- this adds an appropriate alias, like port_add ankh-morpork drum that calls port_am to get the appropriate charm from the right bracelet.
  • port_<region> <room> like port_am drum this will add an alias port_room that will remove the appripriate charm from the right bracelet.
  • port <destination> this will call port_destination that in turn calls the above alias.

Down to business

One alias to rule them all

alias port_add in "port" alias port_$2$ in "port" port_$1$ $2$

Alias that uses worn charm bracelet(s)

alias port_am in "port" remove $*$ from every ankh-morpork;perform divine hand on $*$;attach $*$ to every ankh-morpork;enter cloud

Alias for remembered places that are worn or in the inventory

alias port_worn in "port" perform divine hand on $*$;enter cloud

Alias for a bracelet in a container (in this case identified as pbag)

alias port_klatch in "port" get every klatch from pbag;remove $*$ from every klatch;perform divine hand on $*$;attach $*$ to every klatch;put every klatch in pbag;enter cloud

Alias that makes you not need to worry about this gibberish

alias port in "port" port_$*$

Adding region require manual massaging

To add a region you have to make your own alias like

alias port_stoplains in "port" get every sto plains from pbag;remove $*$ from every sto plains;perform rememer place on $*$;attach $*$ to every sto plains;put every sto plains in pbag;enter cloud


Over thought, over engineers bubkus, but it works for me.

port drum calls alias port_drum that calls alias port_ankh-morpork drum that removes the charm identified as drum from bracelets identified as ankh-morpork, performs divine hand on the charm and attaches it again.