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He looks like a typical barbarian; rugged (or scruffy), tan (or dirty) and weathered (or scruffy and dirty). His clothes suggest that they have been worn for many years; the stains of grass, dirt, blood and bacon sandwiches confirm it. He has a bald head and an unkept beard, and looks as though he is more than capable of walking 30 miles in horizontal rain and snow without batting an eyelid. He has the bewildered air of someone that gets lost a lot.

Founder and President of the Saddle Sore club.

Co-host of the Warrior Games.


Some of the aliases I use in game, feel free to pinch and edit to suit


Various data i'm collecting on horses is here , feel free to add any information you have.

Display all skills relevent to horses:

alias hopri options output skills = list;skills,,, $*$;options output skills = branched


alias ahh assess $arg:horses$ health

alias ahn assess $arg:horses$ needs

alias aht assess $arg:horses$ traits

Buying hay/oats:

alias bhh buy hay;palm hay from hay;drop empty sacks;stash hay in my mount

alias bho buy oats;palm oats from oats;drop empty sacks;stash oats in my mount

Feeding hay/oats:

alias fhh retrieve $arg:\1$ handful of hay from my mount;feed hay to my mount

alias fho retrieve $arg:\1$ handful of oats from my mount;feed oats to my mount


alias str1 storm $arg:target$ at a walk with left weapon

alias str2 storm $arg:target$ at a trot with left weapon

alias str3 storm $arg:target$ at a canter with left weapon

alias str4 storm $arg:target$ at a gallop with left weapon


alias gup continue riding on my mount

alias whoa stop journeying;stop riding

alias rd journey $*$ on my mount

alias rdt ride to $*$ on my mount

Misc Aliases


options output skills = list;skills primaries $*$;options output skills = branched

Money brief & rated as AM in my pack & held inventory

alias $ open pack;money in pack brief;rate coins in pack as am;close pack;money brief;rate coins as am

move alias to an alias category

alias ma $ifarg2: alias set category $1$ $2$ $else$ifarg1: frimble you need to select a catergory $else$ frimble Syntax ma [alias name] [alias category] $endif$endif$