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Persephone's Charms for Trade

This is a list of all my available to share charms as of July 28, 2020.

Charm Gem Weight Material Shape
A brass boot charm. 4.85 brass boot
A brass horse charm. 4.85 brass horse
A bronze pebble charm. 4.75 bronze pebble
A clay horse charm. 3.25 clay horse
A clay priest charm. 3.25 clay priest
A copper adder charm. 4.9 copper adder
A crystal Anoia charm. 4 crystal Anoia
A crystal donkey charm. 4 crystal donkey
A crystal sword charm. 4 crystal sword
A diamond ball of fluff charm. 4.25 diamond ball of fluff
A diamond mermaid charm. 4.25 diamond mermaid
A diamond pagoda charm. 4.25 diamond pagoda
A glass goat charm. 3.25 glass goat
A glass moon dragon charm. 3.25 glass moon dragon
A glass Patina charm. 3.25 glass Patina
A glass praying priestess charm. 3.25 glass praying priestess
A glass sacred cat charm. 3.25 glass sacred cat
A glass vole charm. 3.25 glass vole
A glass vulture charm. 3.25 glass vulture
A gold hat charm. 8 gold hat
A gold Jeht charm. 8 gold Jeht
A gold praying priest charm. 8 gold praying priest
A platinum armadillo charm. 10 platinum armadillo
A platinum chain charm. 10 platinum chain
A platinum cucumber charm. 10 platinum cucumber
A platinum garlic charm. 10 platinum garlic
A platinum hashish leaf charm. 10 platinum hashish leaf
A platinum horse charm. 10 platinum horse
A platinum horse head charm. 10 platinum horse head
A platinum lamb charm. 10 platinum lamb
A platinum leech charm. 10 platinum leech
A platinum priest charm. 10 platinum priest
A platinum wizard's hat charm. 10 platinum wizard's hat
A platinum zebra charm. 10 platinum zebra
A porcelain cat charm. 3 porcelain cat
A porcelain heart charm. 3 porcelain heart
A porcelain praying priestess charm. 3 porcelain praying priestess
A porcelain sacred cat charm. 3 porcelain sacred cat
A porcelain Tzut charm. 3 porcelain Tzut
A ruby basilisk charm. 4.5 ruby basilisk
A silver cobra charm. 5 silver cobra
A silver leaping tiger charm. 5 silver leaping tiger
A silver set of praying hands charm. 5 silver set of praying hands
An emerald kettle charm. 3.5 emerald kettle
An emerald locust charm. 3.5 emerald locust
An emerald raindrop charm. 3.5 emerald raindrop
An obsidian antelope charm. 3 obsidian antelope
An obsidian rat charm. 3 obsidian rat
An obsidian vulture charm. 3 obsidian vulture
An obsidian weasel charm. 3 obsidian weasel

Danduin's Gift

Each of these charms was collected by Danduin. You may have any of these to remember him by; Just ask.

Charm Gem Weight Material Shape
A sapphire beetle charm. 4.5 sapphire beetle
A sapphire duck charm. 4.5 sapphire duck
A sapphire eagle charm. 4.5 sapphire eagle
A sapphire ear charm. 4.5 sapphire ear
A sapphire owl charm. 4.5 sapphire owl
A sapphire scythe charm. 4.5 sapphire scythe
A sapphire Sek charm. 4.5 sapphire Sek
A sapphire snowflake charm. 4.5 sapphire snowflake
A diamond Blind Io charm. 4.25 diamond Blind Io
A diamond boat charm. 4.25 diamond boat
A diamond crab charm. 4.25 diamond crab
A diamond dancing camel charm. 4.25 diamond dancing camel
A diamond dancing cat charm. 4.25 diamond dancing cat
A diamond fire charm. 4.25 diamond fire
A diamond Great T'Phon charm. 4.25 diamond Great T'Phon
A diamond knife charm. 4.25 diamond knife
A diamond lion charm. 4.25 diamond lion
A diamond praying priestess charm. 4.25 diamond praying priestess
A diamond anchor charm. 4.25 diamond anchor
An emerald cat-headed god charm. 3.5 emerald cat-headed god
An emerald crossbow charm. 3.5 emerald crossbow
An emerald dancing man charm. 3.5 emerald dancing man
An emerald dress charm. 3.5 emerald dress
An emerald emu charm. 3.5 emerald emu
An emerald garlic charm. 3.5 emerald garlic
An emerald goose charm. 3.5 emerald goose
An emerald helmet charm. 3.5 emerald helmet
An emerald kettle charm. 3.5 emerald kettle
An emerald leopard charm. 3.5 emerald leopard
An emerald llama charm. 3.5 emerald llama
An emerald Mazda charm. 3.5 emerald Mazda
An emerald moose charm. 3.5 emerald moose
An emerald mouse charm. 3.5 emerald mouse
An emerald Ptooie charm. 3.5 emerald Ptooie
An emerald rhino charm. 3.5 emerald rhino
An emerald scorpion charm. 3.5 emerald scorpion
A platinum cabbage charm. 10 platinum cabbage
A platinum duck charm. 10 platinum duck
A platinum flag charm. 10 platinum flag
A platinum goat charm. 10 platinum goat
A platinum priest charm. 10 platinum priest
A platinum sword charm. 10 platinum sword
A platinum Tubul charm. 10 platinum Tubul
A platinum wizard's hat charm. 10 platinum wizard's hat
A porcelain Flatulus charm. 3 porcelain Flatulus
A porcelain olive charm. 3 porcelain olive
A porcelain Tzut charm. 3 porcelain Tzut
A porcelain What charm. 3 porcelain What
A ruby broomstick charm. 4.5 ruby broomstick
A ruby crab charm. 4.5 ruby crab
A ruby cupid charm. 4.5 ruby cupid
A ruby lantern charm. 4.5 ruby lantern
A ruby mongoose charm. 4.5 ruby mongoose
A ruby new moon charm. 4.5 ruby new moon
A ruby Patina charm. 4.5 ruby Patina
A ruby sceptre charm. 4.5 ruby sceptre
A ruby table charm. 4.5 ruby table
A ruby warthog charm. 4.5 ruby warthog