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Spune Prime, UC 2037: Moved into a hut in the bitterly cold Listener's Valley within Ramtops. The warm Hut of Repose is open to all and is located at 5 Listener's Valley.

Monday 5th Sektober Prime, UC 2037: Started writing a book to be published (secret!) and looking for a Fishite husband.

Tuesday 6th Sektober Prime, UC 2037: Rescheduled my event "Rock Paper Scissors" for 11/29/16 (cancelled).

1st or 2nd Ember Prime, UC 2037: Played my first game of boggle dice with Jeush and loved it.

Thursday 24th Ember Prime, UC 2037: Died my first death, lasting until Mursi's 10th hour on Disc. I died to a beautiful female vampire in Escrow. (Thank you Jeanie, Fralipolipi, and Uheel for helping me!)

Second week of December Prime, UC 2037: 100th guild level attained.