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You see Mostly Reverend methane the Sectator of Sek.  
She is a strapping young human lass.  
She is in good shape.  
She is kneeling.  
She is glowing brilliantly red.  
Her neck has barbed wire tattooed on it.   
She looks rather warm.  
Holding : a set of prayer beads (left hand).   
Wearing : a pair of suede leather boots, a pair of leather gloves, a flowing black dress, a staff harness, a black backpack, a sun hat, a vampire mask, a small copper button, a fruitbat flavoured badge, a small tin button, a utility belt, a brass necklace, a holy amulet, a bronze necklace, a small nickel button, two copper necklaces and a club badge.   
Carrying: a rose gold tankard and a prayer book.