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Found as an orphaned baby child at the doorstep of an improvised Hattian temple in Genua, little Mauve was adopted and raised by the church. She spent her childhood fervently studying religious literature, sacred rituals, contemplating the greatness of her saviour, pranking everybody she could find, and listening, with bated breath, to all those exciting stories the numerous visiting priests and priestesses had to share, hanging on their every word and dreaming to visit the amazing world herself someday.

Perhaps overly self-confident and optimistic, she finally left the Diamond City to experience the world on her own — with a set of prayer beads and a huge mischievous grin on her face.


I provide all kinds of services ranging from questionable advice, prayers, divine transport (refer limo), teaching religious matters (refer teacher), consecrating, warding and charging rods to rescue missions (refer rru) and revivals (maximum return). A simple thank you is often enough although donations are always appreciated.


Mauve is ickle and frail. She likes to focus on intellectual matters, pursuing and sharing religious knowledge. When she has to fight, she does so with the help of her powerful summons and only focuses on defending herself. With an actual shield, nonetheless!

Her rearrange is rather extreme, with 8 con, 8 dex, 18 int, 8 str and 23 wis. Her skills can be inspected on the skills website. More or less up to date.

Mauve has a pet mynah bird, Murmur. He likes to wander the Disc, often following random people and joining them on their adventures. He always comes back, however.


She doesn't use titles much but sometimes picks one at random or to showcase a recent achievement. You can see her current choices below.

> title
You can set your player title to one of Ancient, Beatus, Blessed, Blessed mother, Blessed sister, Bloodthirsty, Captain, Competent, Crimewave, Deckhand, Diplomatic, Energetic, Exterminator, Festive, Flatulent, Healer, Holy, Holy sister, Kareen, Literate, M, Magistrate, Minister, Miss, Mlle, Mme, Mostly reverend, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Multilingual, Nasir, Obsolete, Old, Old man, Old woman, Paranoid, Persistent, Pious, Prehistoric, Reverend, Rouge, Saint, Shieldmaster, Shieldmistress, Sister, Stormrider, Templar, Unexpected, Unstoppable, Venerable, Venerable mother, Venerable sister, Wealthy and Well travelled.


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