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Until I learn how to make fancy pages this shall do.

I like to help around, so don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. Note, though, that I am often very idle and may take a while to answer.

I can do:

  • all basic wizard stuff like pickling sticks
  • low level enchanting
  • high level enchanting if you provide the powder
  • CCC in two casts if you provide comps
  • TPA (I have enough ash)
  • Blorps, though I might want to charge something for these since they require me to stop being lazy and move somewhere. I can also finesmith and probably also woodwork decent rings
  • I am currently building skills for woodworking and can already make decent walking sticks and pens and other easier items. I can make you a custom one if you bring me the materials.
  • I'll happily scribe you few scrolls for free if I have full GP. For a large amount I might want payment.

I'm often too busy/lazy to move around much so you'll have to come to me for most services. And most often you'll find me in Academy of Artificers garden idling and searching.

I've searched the garden a lot and have acccumulated good selection of neat little jeweller's hammers, brass earrings, magnificent rings and iron sun keys. Ask if you want any of these, for free.

The key is related to a neat little secret that I don't want to spoil for you, but I can help you along the way if you feel stumped. I have fondness for finding secret areas in the mud, and would also delight being given hints as to where I might want to search for more.

For non-AoA rare items, ask me and I'll see what I can do.


Though group idlechasing was nerfed years ago, solo idling remains decent way to spend your time when you are too busy to do something more active. And especially for wizards it can be somewhat reliable source of TMs up to very high levels.

I've idlechased a lot and will happily help anyone else who wants to become known as a crazy hermit who crawls around and does endless repetitive movements for no apparent reason.