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AM Watch mug shot

Liane Lavender, the Awesome Rogue, is a young roleplaying licensed thief from Ankh-Morpork; the Alpha and Omega of the Thieves' Guild and one of Mazda's Heroes

Additionally, she's the Spymaster of the Tang family, a buttonman of the Gumboni gang, a dedicated follower of Hat, and a former magistrate of the Ankh-Morpork council, serving twice between Secundus, UC 2031 and Secundus, UC 2033. Finally, she's also an ex-playtester.


Born into an incomplete, dysfunctional family in the widdershins parts of Morpork around 25 years ago, she spent most of her childhood roaming the streets around Cattle District, developing certain talents like acquiring edible food from other people without paying, or running and hiding from pursuers. This came in handy especially after some random thug accidentally stabbed her mother to death and Liane became homeless.

She was soon noticed and, surprisingly, helped by an elderly man, Bruno. Not just that he provided a spare room and a blanket on cold nights, he also taught her a few new tricks that made her life a bit easier. It turned out he worked for the legendary Thieves' Guild and decided to guide Liane into a better future...