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  • My main character is Mintus (Cutpurse Thief). She has finished her first street as an Ankh-Morpork Architect and has a wonderful flat in A-M.
    • Always Be Questing.
  • My alts are: Hype (Priest of Hat).
  • Feel free to seek me out in game if I can help. I may be semi-idle due to being at work and may be completely unhelpful - but I'll do my best.
  • Apparently I had an account here years ago - User:Ktastic is the inactive account. Whoops.

Misc Scribbles

A green coconut

Walking along the southernmost room on the east of Dauphin avenue in Genua when suddenly:

A coconut detaches itself from a coconut palm above, and falls... 
The coconut falls to the ground, hits it with a loud, watery CLONK, and bounces 
several times, leaving a dent in the cobbles. 

"A green coconut" appears!

This is a young green coconut.  It's large, and above all, heavy. 
You're sure you could taste the sweet, sweet juice and flesh inside if you 
could crack it open, but you fear that it's probably thinking the same thing 
about your head. 

Wasn't sure how to open it to drink, so I just ate it (x5).

Dedicated to the Danduin von Brassbridge of legend, myth and infamy. Rest in Peace.