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Lahanna sucks on Kefka's ear.
Kefka purrs contentedly at Lahanna.
Kefka licks Lahanna's nose.
Lahanna slobbers all over Kefka.
Kefka drools all over Lahanna.
Lahanna licks Kefka wetly.
Kefka covers Lahanna in semen.
Kefka tells Lahanna: shit
Kefka tells Lahanna: saliva
Kefka tells Lahanna: SALIVA
Kefka tells Lahanna: shit
Kefka tells Lahanna: i meant to say saliva.
Lahanna files a sexual harrassment suit.
Kefka sobs on Lahanna's shoulder.

(One) Kefka wisps: that hole is a pain in the butt

(One) GoldenBoy wisps: the game was outlawed i germany
(One) Kefka wisps: nah, they just replaced all the nazis with jews
(One) Kefka wisps: ZOMBIES
(One) Kefka wisps: i meant to say zombies

Kefka Nightingale tells you: no, for when he raped banks :D
Kefka Nightingale tells you: erm, mis

(One) Alleya wisps: Wow, -7 con
(One) Kefka wisps that he pokes Alleya with a blunt stick
(One) Alleya wisps: I think I'll need a pishite to help me out next time - but I'm going to go to bed now............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH *falls over and collapses next to Kefka*
(One) Kefka wisps that he unzips

(Warriors) Unite wisps: the fools guild isn't coming into game
(Warriors) Kefka wisps: how'd you get into it then?

(One) Denbe wisps: Any warriors out there with good I'm looking to spend some xps :)
(One) Udie wisps: assassins generally have better
(One) Kefka wisps: yeah, assassins are well known for being tossers

(Warriors) Kefka wisps: HEY WALLSY!
(Warriors) Kefka wisps: HEY WALLSY!
(Warriors) Wallsy wisps: Well, that was unexpected.
(Warriors) Kefka wisps: yeah, surprised me a bit too actually =/

(One) Kefka wisps: but then again, he's a guy and they were clubbing. There was no doubt some alcohol and sexy dancing involved, one or more people got murdered in mysterious circumstances, and in the end people got frisky.
(One) Kefka wisps that he doesn't go clubbing, but has watched CSI

(one) Iori wisps: A: a set of pink underwear for 1Rh 80s (four hundred and seventy-eight left). that's a lot of underwear
(one) Kefka wisps: where's this!??
(one) Kefka wisps: erm... not that I'm overly interested.
(one) Kefka wisps: it's for a friend...

(Warriors) Kefka wisps: logged in to Twelve Triad thugs, a Triad boss and two Triad heavies are fighting here.
(Warriors) Kefka wisps: also, Pit Veridicus tells you: Oh, you got out. :) / Tique Tatorship tells you: Woe, you didn't die.
(Warriors) Pit wisps: (liaison) Tique loses a fiver to Pit
(Warriors) Kefka wisps: Pit believed in me ^__^

(Apex) Taffyd wisps: I've touched my eyes w/ chilli fingers.
(Apex) Taffyd wisps: To say it was excrutiating pain was an understatement.
(Apex) Kefka wisps: its worse if you touch your wang
(Apex) Kefka wisps: or so i hear

(One) Kefka wisps: i like my girls like i like my whiskey
(One) Kefka wisps: twelve years old and mixed up with coke