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Rare / T-shop

Bronze Helm (+3 int, 2 wis, -3 con)

Small Compact


Holy Blade of Soyin

Woollen Cloth

Ornate Warhammer

Dexterity Gloves (+2 Dex, -1 Str)

Mirrored Pendant (Mirror faced watch)

Iron gauntlets (+2 str)

Flat cap (+3 wis, +2 int)

Teas, Assorted

On Healing tea only we want BWB 450+

GP, Stats, Intel etc we don't care just make sure its not more the 3 bottles at a time it moves slow.


Thief's Dagger (+1 Dex when holding two)

Poniard Dagger (needs 270 bonus to wield)

Lime Mist Ash staff (all custom staffs with knobs)

Guild related, hard to find. IE. Snail Shop weapons that are worth using. We are not looking to be a warriors guild shop.

Armour & Clothes

Grflx Armour is being provide thru kalip and his team of hunters at a very low price, shop her is enchanting and rasing the prices so unless your already in the line of getting it and selling it to the shop you will probaley want to much for it.

Custom armour is always nice but recomend buying it from a player who is done with it. Hard to make money on something that is new and can be bought by anybody who wants to wait for it.

Clothing we are not a clothing shop but there are some things worth listing here. Guild related items for IE.

Utilty Belts,

Knife Belts,

Heavy leather undershirt (lots of pockets)

to name just a few. These are items you won't find in a gen store or on a corpse. Well worth the time to get.

Blorps, Scrolls

Should not need to be talked about at this. The shop has more then enough help with curent staff. So unless its a custom blorp ring or location its not needed at this time.

Components & Kits

Please browse to know what your buying!

Kits consist of all items needed to make a spell work.

Components are just the items needed not the spell or unconsumed items.

Kits come set with items to cast 2 - 5 times.

Components come with 20 - 50.

Common components are CCC, KOF, TPA, EHA

Common kits are CCC, TPA,

If unsure of a spell use the three letter code to find it here. The Spellcheck Project at


Working on starter kits for Faith,

Small box / satchel to have beads, amulet, symbol, book. one per major god at a fair price for the bulk.

Batons of course are always a great item but very slow moving.


why there are not a lot of items on this list could be for one of the reasons listed below.

1. They suck and don't sell.

2. Only a guild member would want it. Then they can get it and not need us to buy it for them.

3. Kicking butt item, every noobie wants it, but no noobie can aford it. (We don't stock stuff to collect dust!)

4. every player shop in the disc has 5 and are cutting there prices.

5. Just not worth carrying simply becuase we are in DJB.

6. Cuz I am not done with the list.